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Main application and development of in vitro diagnostic reagents

China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
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Company News
Main application and development of in vitro diagnostic reagents
Latest company news about Main application and development of in vitro diagnostic reagents

The market share of in vitro diagnostic reagents in China can reach about 70%. Domestic in vitro diagnostic reagents are relatively mature. After years of development, China's independent innovation ability in the field of in vitro diagnostic reagents has been significantly improved, and the overall technical level has basically reached the international level at the same time. There are more than 200 kinds of in vitro diagnostic reagents. The main products on the market are liver function, kidney function, blood lipid, special protein, etc.


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Clinical biochemistry is based on the normal biochemistry of human body to study the biochemical changes in pathological state. By analyzing the changes of related metabolites, we can find the characteristic markers and establish the corresponding detection methods, so as to provide biochemical information and decision-making basis for disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis.
In the application of in vitro diagnosis, biochemical diagnosis is a commonly used diagnostic method. Biochemical diagnosis refers to the in vitro diagnostic method which uses the Lamber Beer law to determine various inorganic elements, protein and non protein nitrogen, enzyme, sugar, lipid and other biochemical indexes in vitro through various biochemical reactions. Our commonly used inspection items of liver function, renal function, blood glucose, blood lipid and so on belong to Biochemical diagnosis. Clinical biochemical diagnostic reagents are used in combination with biochemical analyzer to diagnose the relevant clinical biochemical indexes of human body by applying the principles of chemistry, enzymology, immunology and other related technologies. Through the specific reaction between reagents and related substances to be tested, specific optical signals are given, recorded by biochemical instrument, and compared with calibrator to give the level of related substances to be tested. Biochemical diagnosis is one of the most commonly used in vitro diagnosis methods, and it is also the earliest and most mature IVD subdivision field at home and abroad.
In the 1990s, a large number of in vitro diagnostic reagent manufacturers and import agents have sprung up. With the increase of production enterprises and the fierce increase of the demand for commercial reagents in clinical tests, Desheng technology in vitro diagnostic business has also got the opportunity of rapid development, rapid growth and rapid development. Biochemical production line is increasingly rich and mature.
In the 21st century, China's in vitro diagnostic reagent industry has entered a mature stage. In today's biochemical reagent production enterprises, a large number of national and excellent enterprises that can be compared with international famous manufacturers emerge, such as: Wuhan Desheng, Beijing Jiuqiang, Beijing Lidman, Shanghai Kehua, Ningbo Meikang, etc. In recent decades, the biochemical diagnosis industry in China has started from scratch and is growing and improving. At present, it has gone out of the country to the world.

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