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Must coagulant suspensions be shaken well before use?

China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
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Must coagulant suspensions be shaken well before use?
Latest company news about Must coagulant suspensions be shaken well before use?


A lot of people know that the blood coagulant we produce is a suspending agent, which needs to be shaken before use. Is this of poor quality or can it not be shaken? The answer is: it needs to be shaken. The coagulant is different from our anticoagulants, such as EDTA dipotassium and heparin. The specific need is from its state characteristics.
Different from the anticoagulants such as EDTA dipotassium, heparin and sodium citrate, the coagulant is not a solution, but a suspension, also known as a suspension. The reason why the anticoagulant is a solution state is that EDTA dipotassium and heparin are soluble in water, which exists in the size of molecules or ions in the water, and some components of the coagulant are insoluble in water, which is stored in small solid particles Yes. This is very similar to the muddy lime water, because the calcium hydroxide is slightly soluble in the water, a large number of small solid particles of calcium hydroxide are suspended in the water, forming a suspension.

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Solution or suspension is essentially the dispersion system of mixture, and the dispersion phase is dispersed in the dispersion medium. Dispersion system is often called uniform single-phase solution, heterogeneous multi-phase colloid and coarse dispersion system suspension and emulsion with particle size more than one micron. Emulsion is similar to suspension except that the dispersed phase is liquid.
Therefore, all suspensions are of large particle size. The coagulant components of the dispersed phase are insoluble in the dispersing medium such as alcohol, but for the naked eye, the particles are relatively small, and precipitation or stratification will occur after placement. Under the condition of carbon dioxide isolation, the turbid lime water will be slowly clarified after a long time of standing. Then our coagulant suspension will be gradually clarified from the upper layer after standing for a long time, so it is necessary to shake it well before use.
It is worth noting that although the problem of long-term sedimentation of blood coagulant suspension is not the main quality problem of coagulant, but for the convenience of use, there are still differences. The coagulant newly developed by Desheng has made a great improvement in this aspect. Compared with the previous coagulant, in addition to the improvement of blood coagulation effect and speed, it is smaller in particle size, although long-term sedimentation is also possible, However, the time of long-term precipitation is greatly prolonged, and the suspension can be shaken into uniform suspension only by slight shaking.

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