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New crown nucleic acid detection, have you chosen the right virus transport media?

China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
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New crown nucleic acid detection, have you chosen the right virus transport media?
Latest company news about New crown nucleic acid detection, have you chosen the right virus transport media?

Since December 2019, the pneumonia epidemic caused by the new coronavirus has spread continuously, affecting the heartstrings of every Chinese. The current epidemic is a great challenge for medical, diagnostic and biopharmaceutical companies from virus detection, biosafety protection of medical staff and testing personnel to detection of patient immune system status. Life is supreme, Desheng fights the "epidemic"-Desheng successfully developed virus preservation solutions at the beginning of the epidemic to help safe and efficient virus detection and clinical testing.


At present, the form of prevention and control of the new coronavirus is still very severe. The Hebei epidemic is worrying the whole country. Many celebrities donate money and materials to support Hebei’s fight against the epidemic. In the face of the epidemic, nucleic acid testing cannot tolerate a sloppy approach. There is no doubt about the importance of collection and preservation. If there is a problem with sample collection, no matter how well the subsequent work is done, the result will be invalid. Choosing the right virus preservation solution can make the new crown detection more effective! Then when choosing a virus preservation solution, we need to pay attention to the following aspects:

latest company news about New crown nucleic acid detection, have you chosen the right virus transport media?  0

1. The manufacturer can ensure the high quality of the virus transport media raw materials

Highly responsible virus preservation liquid manufacturers can not only fulfill their promises, but also ensure that the facts are described without exaggeration, such as the strict selection of raw materials to prevent fraud. The irresponsible manufacturers will only exaggerate to promote the order. In this process, the customer should keep his eyes open and distinguish right from wrong.


2. Use inactivated virus transport media

The current nucleic acid detection is to detect the viral RNA in the sample, and the virus needs to be lysed, so as long as it can ensure the integrity and stability of the viral nucleic acid, it does not need to save the live virus. Therefore, in the current situation of fighting the new coronavirus epidemic, it is more ideal to inactivate the virus while collecting samples. Therefore, Desheng recommends the use of inactivated virus preservation solution, which can inactivate the virus and ensure that the virus nucleic acid will not be degraded when stored at room temperature.


3. Choose a virus preservation solution manufacturer with safe transportation

Because the virus preservation solution is liquid, leakage will occur if the packaging is not in place and a little bump, which will cause very large losses to customers. Therefore, the selection of packaging materials, structure design, manufacturing process, etc. must be It is necessary to check the quality of the product before delivery. Details determine success or failure. No matter how good the quality of the product, without a good purchase experience, many important customers will be lost.


The virus transport media developed and produced by Desheng are divided into inactivated and non-inactivated types. Different types of virus preservation solutions can be selected according to experimental needs. The current situation of the new crown epidemic is severe. People returning from other provinces not only need to be isolated, but also nucleic acid testing. At this time, choosing the right nucleic acid virus transport media can greatly save procurement time and cost. If you have any questions or needs, please call for detailed consultation. Will be your right choice.

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