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Company News About New Trinder’s reagent DAOS detection road and "stumbling block"

New Trinder’s reagent DAOS detection road and "stumbling block"

New Trinder’s reagent DAOS detection road and

Nowadays, as long as people have a headache and brain fever, they first go to the hospital for testing to find out where the problem lies, and then prescribe the right medicine. In fact, many people only know the test items, but they don't know much about the test materials. The DAOS in the new Trinder’s reagent is a very important test material, which has the advantages of good water solubility, high sensitivity, and strong stability. Let's take a look at the past of DAOS on the road of detection.

latest company news about New Trinder’s reagent DAOS detection road and "stumbling block"  0

DAOS can be used for cholesterol testing

When measuring total cholesterol, the cholesterol ester is firstly hydrolyzed into cholesterol and fatty acid by cholesterol esterase CHE, and then it is catalyzed and oxidized to 4-cholestenone and hydrogen peroxide by cholesterol oxidase, and then it is through DAOS and 4-AAP Coupling with hydrogen peroxide to produce a color reaction under the catalysis of POD, the concentration of total cholesterol can be determined by measuring the absorbance.


DAOS can be used for triglyceride detection

When detecting triglycerides, triglycerides are hydrolyzed into glycerol and fatty acids in the presence of lipoprotein esterase (LPL); glycerol and ATP are catalyzed by glycerol kinase (GK) to generate glycerol-3-phosphate and ADP; glycerol-3- Phosphoric acid and oxygen are catalyzed by glycerol-3-phosphate oxidase (GPO) to generate dihydroxyacetone phosphate and hydrogen peroxide, and then use the color substrate to couple 4-AAP and hydrogen peroxide to produce color as in the above steps. In response, the TG concentration was measured.


DAOS can be used for high-density lipoprotein detection

When detecting high-density lipoprotein, a dual-reagent reaction is used. Reagent one contains polyanion and surfactant, which selectively binds to VLDL and LDL, and inhibits COD and CEH in reagent two on VLDH-CH and LDH-CH. , Thereby selectively acting on HDL-CH, through the action of CEH-COD-POD, and then measuring the absorbance to determine the concentration of HDL, and finally the LDL concentration can be obtained by calculation.


Cautions when using DAOS:

1. Divided packaging: When taking a small amount of mg DAOS, the product needs to be divided into the quantity needed each time to reduce the number of bottle openings and prevent the product from absorbing moisture.

2. Use: When using the product, you need to take out the product from the freezer half an hour in advance and place it at room temperature.

For the remaining, store the remaining DAOS in a sealed and light-proof container to avoid quality problems such as changes in color or properties of the product.

3. Preservation: Place DAOS in a 0-5 degree freezer, and record the time and batch number.

4. Transportation: Put ice cubes in the foam box for the packed products and wrap the products with foam glue. Take care to prevent the water from the ice cubes from getting the product wet (we put two more if the temperature is high, and the weather can be changed in winter. Temperature to decide)