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Company News About NSP-DMAE-NHS




NSP-DMAE-NHS Introduction

Full name NSP-DMAE-NHS
CAS 194357-64-7
Molecular formula C30H26N2O9S
Molecular weight 590.6
Exterior Yellow solid/powder
purity ≥98%
package 10mg/bottle, 50mg/bottle, 100mg/bottle, 1g/bottle


Compared with other luminescent reagents, the use of acridine esters is really not that much. This directly leads to the fact that there are only a handful of manufacturers producing acridine esters, and the quality is decent. A few. Therefore, it is difficult for many buyers to really find acridine ester manufacturers, and they are often dealers who have gone through a few hands, and the price will be much more expensive. Desheng is a professional manufacturer of acridinium esters. It has a professional R&D and production team. The product quality is guaranteed and the price is relatively more favorable.


The price will also fluctuate according to the amount of purchase. For example, the smallest package of Desheng is 10mg/bottle, and the price is around 160 yuan/mg. The larger the purchase, the cheaper the price.

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                                                                             NSP-DMAE-NHS application

Whether it is NSP-DMAE-NHS or other acridine esters, most of them are used in other technologies such as chemiluminescence, high performance liquid chromatography, sensor technology and flow injection technology. Because of the direct emission mode, the analysis speed is relatively fast. , The equipment needed is simpler than other luminescent reagents, and the sensitivity is also very high. It is widely used in the fields of chemical food safety, biomedicine, environmental testing and so on.


Features of NSP-DMAE-NHS

Conventional acridine esters have high quantum yields, higher luminous efficiency than other luminescent reagents, less interference, low background, easier to couple, simple labeling and good stability, and the effect of labeling on luminescence performance very small. This also makes NSP-DMAE-NHS widely used.


NSP-DMAE-NHS packaging and storage

In many cases, the acridinium ester is more troublesome to pack, and it will cause some losses when it is packed, so the smaller the pack, the higher the price. The bottles of luminescent reagents are generally impermeable bottles. For example, this NSP-DMAE-NHS acridinium ester product is also sealed in brown bottles. When transporting, Desheng uses ice packs. Regular storage is It is valid for two years at 2-8℃.