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Company News About Pharmaceutical application of trometamol organic salt

Pharmaceutical application of trometamol organic salt

Pharmaceutical application of trometamol organic salt

Tris (trimethylaminomethane, cas77-86-1), as a common biological buffer, is not only widely used as a solvent for nucleic acid and protein, but also one of the main components of protein electrophoresis buffer. In addition, Tris can also produce a variety of cosmetics, chemicals, pesticides, medicine, coating preparation and other products, and is an important intermediate for the preparation of surfactants, vulcanization accelerators, reducing agents and some drugs.


Tris is not only used as a buffer, but also in the field of medicine. As a drug, Tris is also known as tromethamine. When it is called tromethamine, it can be used for the prevention and treatment of metabolic acidosis and respiratory acidosis, and has a reliable alkalizing effect on urine.


Because the alkalinity is too strong, the preparation can only be injected intravenously, and intravenous injection is more irritant and has more adverse reactions. Yunnan University of traditional Chinese medicine has prepared an organic salt of tromethamine, which can be taken orally and injected intravenously. It not only reduces the irritation and side effects of tromethamine, but also has the functions of alkalizing urine, preventing hyperuricemia and gout, and resisting peptic ulcer.

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The organic salt of tromethamine is prepared by mixing the organic acid acetic acid or lactic acid which can be completely degraded by the body with tromethamine. After injection or oral administration, the acetic acid or soft acid in the solid or solution of tromethamine can be completely and rapidly degraded and enter the liver in the form of salt, and free tromethamine can be obtained after discharge. Acetic acid and lactic acid are completely metabolized into carbon dioxide and water, and the degradation rate of acetic acid is faster than that of lactic acid. Because of its high polarity, stable chemical properties and not easy to be metabolized by the body, the remaining part of tromethamine can alkalize the blood.


Tromethamine entering the body is mainly excreted through urine, and it is not easy to be reabsorbed. Then tromethamine can alkalize the renal tubular environment and dissolve the deposited acidic substances, so as to be discharged from the body. Promoting renal excretion of uric acid is an important strategy for the prevention and treatment of hyperuricemia and gout.


In addition, the organic salt of tromethamine is a weakly alkaline substance with a pH similar to that of blood. Compared with the direct use of tromethamine, the irritation is very low, which can avoid or greatly reduce the adverse reactions and safety problems caused by too strong alkalinity. Moreover, the organic acid solution of tromethamine has a strong pH buffering function, can neutralize or buffer gastric acid, and will not produce gas in the process, so it has the effect of anti peptic ulcer.


Tris (tromethamine) is widely used in medicine, whether as a biological buffer, as a drug itself, or as a pharmaceutical intermediate, or as a pharmaceutical excipient, tromethamine plays a huge role in the pharmaceutical field. Desheng is a professional manufacturer of tris (tromethamine), which has been implemented in batch production, with an average daily output of 1t, and sufficient in stock. Welcome to consult order.