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Company News About Phosphor acridine ester nsp-dmae-nhs 194357-64-7

Phosphor acridine ester nsp-dmae-nhs 194357-64-7

Phosphor acridine ester nsp-dmae-nhs 194357-64-7

The luminescent agent acridine ester 194357-64-7 is a kind of luminescent substrate reagent used in chemiluminescence experiments. Its CAS number is followed by its parent acridine ester. According to the different substituent groups, there are many derivatives with different characteristics. This one is called acridine ester nsp-dmae-nhs, which is one of the more commonly used ones.


Chemiluminescent immunoassay CLIA has gradually surpassed enzyme linked immunosorbent assay as the mainstream in vitro diagnostic detection method. CLIA detection method is relatively simple. It does not need to introduce external light source, and only needs the instrument that can detect light to complete the detection, so it is easy to automate the experimental equipment. Moreover, chemiluminescence has higher sensitivity, which can be used for both qualitative and quantitative analysis.


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Structure of acridine ester nsp-dmae-nhs

Acridine ester is usually yellow powder, because it is sensitive to light, in order to extend the shelf life, it is usually packaged in opaque brown bottle and stored at low temperature. Compared with luminol, the chemiluminescence efficiency of acridine ester is five times or more, and it can be directly oxidized by hydrogen peroxide in alkaline condition without enzyme catalysis.


Acridine ester nsp-dmae-nhs is a kind of acridine ester containing - NHS group. NHS, namely N-hydroxysuccinimide or N-hydroxysuccinimide, can be directly connected with the primary amino group of protein or antibody, which is convenient to label antibody or protein. -NSP is a propanesulfonic acid group linked to the nitrogen atom of acridine parent. Compared with the traditional acridine ester ae-nhs, NSP has better hydrophilicity. The structure of inner salt of propanesulfonic acid increases its water solubility, which makes it water-soluble with the markers formed by antibody and nucleic acid. The later luminescence detection can be carried out in water.


In fact, the earliest chemiluminescence was found in animals, such as fireflies in summer. Now it has become bioluminescence. In essence, a series of biochemical reactions have taken place in the substances in the body, resulting in the chemiluminescence phenomenon.


At the end of the 19th century, it was found that abiotic organic compounds can also produce chemiluminescence, such as lofenine, luminol, N, n-dimethylaacridine nitrate, acridine ester and so on. Among them, lucigenin is also an acridine compound.


In addition to the acridine ester nsp-dmae-nhs, Desheng also develops and sells five different types of acridine esters, which are also the ones with better market feedback. However, it does not rule out that more types of acridine esters will be developed and put into the market in the future.