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Company News About Preparation Steps and Extraction Methods of Heparin Sodium Porcine

Preparation Steps and Extraction Methods of Heparin Sodium Porcine

Preparation Steps and Extraction Methods of Heparin Sodium Porcine

Preparation Steps and Extraction Methods of Heparin Sodium Porcine


    Heparin sodium, as an anticoagulant reagent, is usually added to vacuum tubes for medical staff to use. Currently, the most widely sourced source of heparin sodium on the market is extracted from the intestinal mucosa of healthy pigs. However, due to the large amount of impurities and bacteria in the heparin sodium directly extracted from pig mucosa, it requires manual separation and preparation to obtain high-quality heparin sodium raw materials.


    China has a vast territory, a large-scale animal husbandry industry, and abundant pig resources, making it a major country in extracting heparin. Nowadays, most domestic manufacturers also extract crude products from pig intestines and make them into high-quality products for sale. Although the extraction methods are unified, there are still differences in their respective preparation methods. Below, we will discuss in detail how to prepare heparin sodium extracted from pig mucosa?


    Steps for extracting heparin from live pigs


   1. Bowel washing: Clean the feces inside the intestine, and then soak the pig intestines filled with water in water for a day. If the temperature is too high in summer, add ice to the soaked water.


    2. Intestinal scraping: Generally, a scraping machine is used to operate. The soaked pig intestines are placed in the scraping machine, and the mucosal surface of the intestine is scraped. Then, the casing is scraped to obtain a complete and undamaged casing.


    3. Irrigation: Rinse the scraped casing with clean water, remove any impurities left during the scraping process, and then check if the casing is damaged or spoiled.


    4. Salt pickling: Spread the casing evenly, fully apply the specialized salt required for production to each part, marinate for one day, repeat the operation the next day, then put it into a tank to drain the salt water, and then refrigerate at low temperature to prevent spoilage.


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Heparin sodium powder


    Extraction method of crude heparin sodium


    1. Resin treatment: Pour a certain amount of heparin sodium specific resin into the cylinder, wash off impurities adhered to the surface of heparin sodium with water, and then remove water before pouring it into alcohol and letting it stand overnight. Then remove the alcohol and pour it into 40 degree hot water to wash away the remaining alcohol smell in the cylinder. Soak it in a calculated hydrochloric acid solution and stir repeatedly during this process.


    2. Salt hydrolysis: Put the scraped casing into the mixing tube, add water and specialized salt for casing processing, stir thoroughly, and then add alkaline substances to adjust the pH value, heat up and filter.


    3. Adsorption: Pour the pre processed heparin sodium resin into the adsorption tank and stir, accurately control the concentration of the adsorbed solution, and use a filter screen to remove the heparin sodium resin.


    4. Washing: Wash with professional processed salt from the casing, stir the heparin sodium resin twice at intervals, pour the washing solution, and wash away any interfering substances adsorbed in the resin.


    5. Precipitation drying: After washing, add alcohol and stir, cover and seal, and then place in a low-temperature refrigeration room to precipitate for 24 hours. Collect the paste heparin, and then use the precipitate to load a plate and dry it in a 60 degree drying oven for 3 hours to obtain the crude heparin sodium.


    After the above steps, crude heparin sodium can be obtained, and on top of it, refined heparin sodium can be prepared for use. As a professional manufacturer of heparin sodium, Desheng takes every step to extract heparin from pig intestines and manually prepare it, providing customers with on-site inspection opportunities. If you are interested, please click on the website for consultation!