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Company News About Principle of anticoagulant function of potassium oxalate?

Principle of anticoagulant function of potassium oxalate?

Principle of anticoagulant function of potassium oxalate?

There are two kinds of blood collection additives: coagulant and anticoagulant, among which heparin series and EDTA series are widely used in the market. In addition to these anticoagulants, there is also an anticoagulant reagent "potassium oxalate". How many people know the anticoagulant function principle of potassium oxalate? The following will lead you to know potassium oxalate.


Potassium oxalate as an anticoagulant has the advantage of high solubility, and its action mechanism is easy to understand. The dissolved oxalic acid reacts with calcium ions in the blood to form calcium oxalate precipitation. Therefore, the coagulation function of calcium ion itself is invalid, which prevents the coagulation process of calcium ion. The concentration of potassium oxalate anticoagulant is usually mixed with blood in the ratio of 1:9, and the concentration is 0.1mol/l. Not too high concentration of potassium ion can easily lead to dehydration and contraction of blood cells.

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Therefore, in order not to affect the volume and morphology of red blood cells, the mixing proportion of anticoagulants must be quite appropriate when measuring hematocrit.


Although potassium oxalate is used in many aspects of blood biochemical determination, some determinations are not appropriate. For example, the determination of potassium and calcium ions, blood smear examination, etc. In addition, potassium oxalate cannot be used for differential counting of platelets in leukocytes and blood cells, because potassium oxalate can cause platelet aggregation and affect the basic morphology of leukocytes.


It can be concluded that potassium oxalate, as a popular product in anticoagulant, is affected by these specific factors. At present, there are few manufacturers of potassium oxalate in China, and our company is a professional manufacturer of blood collection additives. At present, the company's blood collection additives include heparin potassium, heparin lithium, EDTA dipotassium / sodium, EDTA Tripotassium, coagulant, high-efficiency coagulant powder, water-soluble silicide, oil silicon, potassium oxalate, trisodium citrate, sodium fluoride and other products. In addition to exploiting vascular additives, our company also produces biological buffer series, chemiluminescence reagent series, chromogen substrate series, enzyme preparation series, Carbomer and virus preservation solution.


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