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Company News About Professional manufacturer of TRIS (tromethamine) buffer-Desheng

Professional manufacturer of TRIS (tromethamine) buffer-Desheng

Professional manufacturer of TRIS (tromethamine) buffer-Desheng

Desheng is a professional manufacturer of TRIS (tromethamine) buffer. Our products are sold all over the country and are widely used in the field of biotechnology. Desheng has more than ten years of experience in the production of TRIS. In the future, we will continue to provide TRIS products that meet the needs of customers for the booming global market to ensure excellent functionality and compliance.


For traditional TRIS buffer products, product agglomeration is a long-standing headache and huge challenge in the industry. There are many inefficiencies caused by TRIS agglomeration, such as increased labor costs and operating costs to handle agglomeration; another example is to process buffer solutions, which prolongs the time required for mixing, reduces production efficiency, and forms an operating bottleneck .

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Magnified image of Desheng TRIS crystal


Causes of TRIS agglomeration

TRIS is a hygroscopic material that will absorb moisture. When the environment and/or storage conditions of TRIS are not ideal, such as being affected by humidity, pressure, temperature and other factors, and lasting for a period of time, it will cause different degrees of agglomeration. The common lumps are loose and large particles in the powder, but they may also form solid lumps. Affected by the transportation time and conditions, the traditional TRIS on the market is often accompanied by agglomeration when it arrives, and in the future storage or daily distribution operations, if the package is re-sealed after the package is opened, there will be a secondary knot. The block phenomenon occurs.


Desheng TRIS advantage

In order to meet the processing challenges of TRIS buffers on the current market, Desheng Technology produces through proprietary process technology, which is not easy to agglomerate and harden-and does not change the structure of the molecule itself, providing a solution to the problem of agglomeration . Desheng buffer has a larger and rounder particle structure, and it is not easy to agglomerate even under various packaging, transportation and storage conditions. In terms of processing and preparation, key operational benefits can be generated:


Desheng TRIS buffer features

1. The adhesion of particles between crystals is low, and the processing of agglomeration is more labor-saving

2. Smoother particle structure makes it easier for the feeding system to disperse and transmit

3. Reduce the number of fine particles, thereby reducing dust emissions

4. No additional additives or anti-coagulants added

5. Less clumping


As a professional TRIS (tromethamine) manufacturer, Desheng always insists on providing high-quality products and services. Our fully traceable raw materials, reliable and stable global supply, professional testing and customized packaging solutions provide you with strong support in the biological field-from research and development, application development to production, which is not only our consistent Commitment is our persistence from beginning to end.