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Company News About pst gel and lithium heparin pst PST

pst gel and lithium heparin pst PST

pst gel and lithium heparin pst PST

In clinical laboratories, high-quality plasma separation is a key step in conducting biochemical testing and research. In order to achieve rapid, efficient, and reliable plasma separation, researchers have been seeking improved methods and techniques. Among them, PST (Plasma Separation Tube) separation gel and heparin lithium are two key components that work together to help the laboratory obtain high-quality plasma samples.


1、 Role of PST in separating gel


PST glue is a blood collection tube that contains a separation glue. When blood is collected, this separation glue quickly forms an isolation layer, fixing red blood cells and other blood cells at the bottom of the blood collection vessel, while plasma is left on the upper layer of the separation glue. This process usually only takes a few minutes, which greatly saves time compared to traditional centrifugal separation methods, providing clear and pollution-free plasma for testing.


2、 Effect of heparin lithium in PST gel tube


Heparin lithium is a form of heparin and a biologically active molecule with a strong negative charge. It plays an important role in the PST tube, helping to optimize the plasma separation process. One of the main functions of heparin lithium is to inhibit blood clotting. In PST tubes, it reacts with thrombin in the blood to prevent premature clotting after collection. At the same time, it can slow down the inactivation rate of thrombin in the blood and extend the validity period of blood samples. In addition, sometimes during the plasma separation process, proteins may coagulate on the blood vessel wall to form a fibrin membrane. The presence of heparin lithium can reduce this phenomenon and maintain the clarity of the plasma.


3、 Interaction of PST gel and heparin lithium


The combined effect of PST separating gel and heparin lithium makes plasma separation efficient and reliable. The separating gel quickly separates plasma, and heparin lithium prevents the coagulation of blood samples. This combined effect ensures that the collected blood samples can be used for various biochemical tests and experimental studies without other separation steps, greatly improving the efficiency of laboratory work.


PST separation gel and heparin lithium play an irreplaceable role in plasma separation, providing qualified plasma samples for clinical diagnosis, which is beneficial for patient disease treatment and diagnosis. As a manufacturer of heparin lithium, Desheng can provide raw material powders that meet the requirements. Downstream blood collection manufacturers transport and store them conveniently, with many repeat customers. If you are also interested, please contact us to purchase!