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Purchasing experience of different models

China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
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Company News
Purchasing experience of different models
Latest company news about Purchasing experience of different models

Recently, I received a complaint from a cooperating customer that the main reason is the bitter experience of purchasing carbomers before and his personal thinking. I feel that it is worth learning from peers. The original text is as follows:

Not long ago, I received an arrangement from the company to let us purchase carbomer. The amount used was not very large and was fixedly supplied by foreign manufacturers. However, due to the epidemic situation, our raw materials were cut off. I am not very familiar with this raw material, so I repurchased it. There were many crashing problems in the process.

During the procurement period, I asked many domestic carbomer suppliers, some were manufacturers, and some were trading companies. The first problem I encountered was that Carbomer's CAS number often didn't match up and Carbomer's different models were sometimes very confusing. Asking their sales staff, many of them also said it was confusing and ambiguous, which was really a headache. The following is my personal experience and insights, just for reference.

Carbomer CAS number:

9003-01-4 139637-85-7 9007-17-4 9007-20-9 9062-04-8 54182-57-9 76050-42-5

The above are collected carbomer cas numbers, including but not limited to these. Although chemical substances and cas numbers correspond in principle, carbomers are acrylic polymers. Different polymerization degrees and different raw materials added in the polymerization reaction will make the reaction products different, and the accuracy of online information is not high. It leads to a lot of cas numbers and chaos, this need not be too tangled.


latest company news about Purchasing experience of different models  0

Undissolved Carbomer powder


Therefore, it is usually inconvenient to express the cas number as a polymer, and it is more common to distinguish by model. Such as Carbomer 940, Carbomer 980, Carbomer 941, Carbomer u20, Carbomer 340 and so on. So the more crazy question is, what does this model mean? There are two main types of network transmission:

Does the Carbomer model indicate a different viscosity of Carbomer?

This is obviously wrong. If the same carbomer is configured into gels of different concentrations, the difference in viscosity will be very large. The carbomer model is obviously not the number after the gel is configured. This can obviously be directly denied, the same The carbomer model represents the concentration used in different products is also wrong.

Does the Carbomer model indicate its degree of polymerization?

In a certain encyclopedia and a certain encyclopedia, it is said that the carbomer model represents a different degree of polymerization, the larger the number, the higher the degree of polymerization. At first glance, this statement seems to have a bit of truth, but this statement is also problematic, such as Carbomer 940 and Carbomer 941, the degree of polymerization is only 1 monomer apart, obviously knowing that industrial production is wrong, When the polymerization occurs, the polymer can hardly control the degree of polymerization at 940 or 941.

To sum up, personally think that the number of carbomer number should be disassembled and understood. Carbomer is a resin, which may be similar to ion exchange resin. The model of the ion exchange resin is composed of three Arabic numerals, the first digit represents the classification of the product (codes from 0 to 6: strong acid weak acid strong alkali weak alkaline chelating amphoteric redox), the second digit Represents the difference of the skeleton (styrene acrylic acid acetate epoxy system, etc.), the third digit is the sequence number to distinguish the difference of genes, cross-linking agents, etc. Carbomer's model number may represent rheology, light transmittance, monomer difference, cross-linking agent difference, etc., viscosity and degree of polymerization are also included, but it is represented by a number code.

Since I asked many companies and many websites, I didn’t find the exact difference between different carbomer models, so I directly asked many carbomer samples to come back for testing. Finally, I chose the carbomer from Desheng for our no-wash The effect in the disinfection gel is very good. In the end, the problem of the meaning of the carbomer model representative has not been completely resolved, and experienced seniors are welcome to give pointers!

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