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Company News About purpose of heparin sodium

purpose of heparin sodium

purpose of heparin sodium

Heparin Sodium is a common anticoagulant for blood collection, widely used in clinical medicine and biochemistry. Its unique anticoagulant effect makes it a key component in blood collection and laboratory analysis, and the use of heparin sodium plays an important role in multiple fields such as medicine, research, and laboratory.


1、 Blood collection


Heparin sodium is widely used in blood collection processes, especially when it is necessary to preserve blood samples. It inhibits the activation of coagulation factors and prevents blood from clotting in pipelines or containers. Because during the blood collection process, blood is extracted into blood collection vessels containing heparin sodium, which quickly reacts with thrombin in the blood to prevent blood clotting and ensure that the collected blood samples remain in a liquid state, providing accurate data for subsequent analysis.


2、 Hemodialysis and renal dialysis


Heparin sodium is also widely used in treatment processes such as hemodialysis and kidney dialysis. In these treatments, blood is filtered and purified through machines, and this process requires maintaining blood fluidity to avoid coagulation. The anticoagulant effect of heparin sodium helps to maintain blood flow and facilitate the smooth progress of the treatment process.


3、 Laboratory analysis


Heparin sodium also plays an important role in laboratory analysis. Many biochemical and molecular biology experiments require the use of blood samples for analysis, such as determining various components, proteins, and nucleic acids in the blood. Heparin sodium can prevent blood clotting and keep the sample in a liquid state during the experimental process, thus obtaining accurate experimental results.


4、 Research field


Heparin sodium is not only widely used in clinical medicine, but also plays an important role in scientific research. In many biological studies, anticoagulation treatment of blood samples is necessary for various experiments and observations. Heparin sodium can play an anticoagulant role during the experimental process, ensuring normal blood circulation and providing a reliable foundation for research.


Heparin sodium has a wide range of applications in various fields such as medicine, laboratory analysis, and research. Its anticoagulant properties make it an important tool for protecting blood from coagulation, ensuring the smooth progress of blood samples and biochemical treatment projects. As a raw material manufacturer of heparin sodium, Desheng can provide white powder with high main content, convenient storage, simple preparation, stable anticoagulant effect, and low price. If you have any interest, please feel free to contact us for purchase!