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Company News About Reporting Authority HEPES Used in Cosmetics

Reporting Authority HEPES Used in Cosmetics

Reporting Authority  HEPES Used in Cosmetics

In the era when Chinese cosmetics are moving towards efficacy evaluation, Hubei New Desheng Material Technology Co., Ltd. has opened the reporting authority of cosmetic raw materials HEPES safety-related information on the raw material safety information service platform of the State Drug Administration in accordance with the requirements of the "Evaluation Specification for Cosmetics Efficacy Claims".And we obtained the reporting code. Since then, our company can independently or authorize domestic and foreign customers to evaluate the efficacy claims of the cosmetic raw material HEPES and upload the efficacy basis.


Cosmetics are processed from various raw materials with different functions and effects for human skin.So the safety of cosmetic raw materials is very important. HEPES produced by our company is an odorless white powder. Under certain conditions of temperature and pH value, N-hydroxyethylpiperazine reacts with sodium chloroethylsulfonate solution and produces HEPES reaction solution. Crystals precipitated by drying from solution,and get the finished product of HEPES.


Although HEPES is a chemical synthetic raw material, it is relatively mild and has no irritating effect on the skin. It is often used in cosmetics for whitening,and repairing.In cosmetics, HEPES not only acts as a PH adjuster to stabilize the PH of cosmetics in a weakly acidic state suitable for human skin, but also prolongs the shelf life of cosmetics. The use of HEPES in cleansing cosmetics can accelerate the softening of the cuticle, promote cell metabolism, shrink pores, and make the skin look fairer and more lustrous; when used in essences and rejuvenating creams, it can promote the absorption of other functional products . Experiments have shown that HEPES also has anti-inflammatory effects, which is a great boon for people with acne-prone skin.


Our company has invested a lot of resources in the research and development and production of HEPES,and can produce high-purity HEPES white powder with excellent properties, which you deserve it. Welcome new and frequent customers to inquiry.We can provide you the safety-related information reporting code of cosmetic raw material HEPES.