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Company News About Role of luminol in blood testing

Role of luminol in blood testing

Role of luminol in blood testing

Luminol is also known as luminescent ammonia, and its English name is 5-Amino-2, 3-dihydro-1, 4-phthalazinedione. It is a yellow crystal or beige powder at room temperature. It is a relatively stable chemical reagent. Luminol reagent is a mixture of luminol and hydrogen peroxide, which is mainly used for blood detection in modern criminal investigation. Luminol reagent is a reagent to identify blood. Even if the blood is wiped, heme in the blood will remain. When luminol reagent is sprayed on heme, it will oxidize with reactive oxygen species and release blue purple fluorescence. Known as the luminol reaction. It is an organic substance used to identify blood.


However, luminol also has some shortcomings in criminal investigation. For example, if the crime scene is completely treated with bleach, the fluorescence emitted by luminol will strongly cover up the existence of any blood stains. Or the animal blood at the crime scene is confused with the test blood, which will affect the test results. In addition, luminol also reacts with animal excreta, which is almost the same as the light emitted from the blood. In addition, luminol needs to be used in a dark environment, and luminol's luminous time is limited, so it is necessary to make detection records when luminol is luminous.

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Although there are some factors affecting luminol at the criminal investigation site, there will be some countermeasures. For example, when bleach is mixed into the blood, we can adopt the drying method to dry the site for a few days, and the effect of bleach will be greatly reduced.


Luminol and acridine ester are commonly used chemiluminescent reagents. Luminol has been recognized to react with OH radical to cause luminescence, superoxide anion radical or singlet oxygen and H2O2 in alkaline medium

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