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Company News About serum clot activator tube with gel separator

serum clot activator tube with gel separator

serum clot activator tube with gel separator

serum clot activator tube with gel separator


    Previously, blood samples were collected and placed for a period of time to naturally coagulate before waiting for serum to precipitate. This not only took a long time, but also greatly affected the functionality of the analytical instrument. In order to rapidly promote the development of detection technology, it was developed to add serum clot activator and separation gel into the test tube. The combination of these two substances is also called serum separation gel coagulation promoting tube. Its appearance is the key to quality control in the blood collection process, and it also helps medical staff prepare high-quality serum samples, reducing the possibility of cross infection. So let's take you to a specific understanding below.


    1、 Serum separation gel activation tube


    In fact, this test tube is called blood coagulation promoting tube, which contains two substances: separating gel and coagulant. The coagulant is a kind of reagent developed in clinic to quickly promote blood coagulation. Generally, it is composed of silica powder, emulsifier, surfactant and other components, and then it is processed to obtain the powder. When it is used, it is prepared into a solution, sprayed on the inner wall of the test tube containing separation gel, and then placed in an oven for evaporation and drying. Although there are activators that can quickly coagulate blood, it is still necessary to observe whether the blood has completely coagulated before separation and extraction, otherwise it may lead to fibrin inclusion in the isolation layer and contamination of the serum sample.


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    2、 Activate the blood clotting time inside the tube


    Although fully automated analytical instruments can detect thousands of samples per hour, the speed of separating serum samples in the laboratory cannot keep up, which directly affects the overall detection efficiency. The most important factor is the speed of blood coagulation, which is not only related to the material of the test tube, but also directly related to the temperature. Usually, coagulation factors can be quickly activated in glass test tubes, requiring a temperature condition between 23 and 25 degrees Celsius for 1 hour. However, plastic tubes have weak activation ability, and blood can only fully coagulate in 2-4 hours.


    3、 Significance of gel activation tube for serum separation


    Due to the fully automated operation of clinical laboratory centers, a large number of instruments are used during the blood collection process. If one step is wrong, it will pose a hidden danger to the experiment. This not only affects the collection of blood samples, but also makes it meaningless to separate serum. By using a separation gel activated tube, it can reduce waste items, complete collection and detection on the original tube at once, without the need for other instruments, and the steps are reduced, which has great significance for the safety and efficiency of current medical testing.


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