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Company News About serum gel separator tube

serum gel separator tube

serum gel separator tube

serum gel separator tube


    The serum gel separating tube is often used in the blood test center. Its main function is to separate the serum in the blood sample, facilitate the subsequent research and experiment, and help medical staff effectively judge the abnormality of the patient's body. However, it is not possible to separate serum with just one test tube, and it is necessary to rely on the serum separation gel in the test tube to achieve the goal. Why can the separation gel tube be used for blood separation? Let's talk about it in detail below.


    1、 Serum separation gel


    In fact, it is a kind of high molecular polymer, which is composed of various chemical components. As a viscous colloid separating serum and blood clots, it is physiologically inert. Because its structure contains a large number of hydrogen bonds, it has excellent thixotropic and separation properties. Usually, after the blood sample is collected into the test tube, it will be put into the centrifuge for operation when it is completely coagulated. Under the action of external force, the reticular structure will be destroyed, and it will gather together again due to thixotropy, so as to achieve the purpose of separation.


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Barreled serum separation gel


    2、 Method of adding serum gel


    Generally, the separating gel is added to the test tube through the glue adding machine, and the standard amount of each tube is 0.8-1.2g. Note that the temperature of separating gel should not exceed 80 degrees. If it is difficult to add glue, water bath or other methods can be properly used for heating. The appropriate temperature is between 40-60 degrees, and the heating time should not be too long. After adding glue, put it into a 1500-2100 speed centrifuge for centrifugation for about 5 minutes. When sampling, use this tube containing separated gel to basically separate serum and blood cells, and effectively extract high-quality serum samples.


    3、 Use of serum gel separation tube


    The separation tube containing serum gel can be made of glass or plastic, and their operation is also different. Because the two have different clotting times for blood, the activation ability of plastic test tubes will be weaker, and the clotting time of blood will be longer than that of glass test tubes. Therefore, when using plastic separation tubes to collect blood samples, it is necessary to wait for about 4 hours until the blood is completely clotted before centrifugation on the machine. And during the placement process, it should be emphasized to separate the glass separation hose from the plastic separation hose to prevent confusion and centrifugation, leading to hemolysis.


    As a supplier of blood vessel additives in China, Desheng has been researching and producing serum separation gel since 2005. After five generations of research and development, it continuously improves product performance, ensures customer experience, and gains market praise. If you are interested, please click on the website to inquire about details and purchase!