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Company News About Serum Separation Gel Made By Desheng

Serum Separation Gel Made By Desheng

Serum Separation Gel Made By Desheng

As the main raw material often used in blood collection tubes for separating serum and blood clots,serum separation gel has to be mentioned. It has good inert properties and can separate serum and blood clots with adjustment of specific gravity. Although serum separation gel has not been used for a long time, the scope of usage is gradually expanding.


Desheng Biochemical is an early enterprise in China in the research and development of serum separation gels, and has been committed to a series of research and development and production of blood collection tube additives. So far, it has developed serum separation gels, heparin lithium, heparin sodium, EDTA K2, EDTA K3, sodium citrate, sodium fluoride, potassium oxalate, disodium EDTA, blood coagulant, blood coagulation powder, etc. They are highly praised by customers for both quality and service.


Serum Separation Gel is the first product developed and produced by Desheng Biochemical. Up to now, the daily output is stable at about 2-3t.After four generations of research and development of serum separation gel, whether it is appearance or whole system, our serum separation gel can be better adapt to the needs of various enterprises. The specific gravity, viscosity or flow of serum separation gel required by different enterprises are not the same. Most suppliers of serum separation gels cannot provide corresponding services, but Desheng Biochemical can adjustment all of data !


What we rely on are not only our complete R&D team, but a number of partners we supported and cooperated since the beginning of R&D.We have experienced the problems encountered by most companies,so we can find fundamental solutions to all kinds of problems in time,and can solve them faster and better.


The two key points for serum separation gel are inertness and specific gravity. The change of any one index may cause problems in the later use of the product. Desheng will continuous test for those need unique index of serum separation gel.


Now Desheng has developed PRP separation gel, which is suitable for beauty tubes. We have cooperated with some beauty centrals for five or six years,and always get satisfactions from them. Desheng Biochemical is a professional manufacturer of blood collection tube additive,welcome to inquiry if you have any requirements.