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Company News About serum separation tubes with gel

serum separation tubes with gel

serum separation tubes with gel

serum separation tubes with gel


    The gel serum separating tube is a test tube commonly used in clinical blood centers. The inside of the tube is mainly added with separating gel, but sometimes other reagents are added for common use, such as coagulants. Due to the high-quality finished tubes appearing in front of everyone during the blood drawing process and being used directly, it is difficult for the naked eye to detect their presence inside the tubes, which is also a detail that many novice operators in hospitals tend to overlook. They don't know how to use this gel serum separation tube, so the following details will be introduced to you.


    1、 Reagent addition of gel serum separation tube


    When the gel in the tube is in full contact with the blood, it can separate the blood and completely separate the serum from the blood clot. If it is used together with the coagulant, the separation speed will be faster to ensure that the test results will not be biased. Generally, the separated gel does not need to be prepared and directly added to the test tube, while the coagulant is in the form of powder. If it needs to be used, it needs to be prepared into a solution, and then sprayed on the inner wall of the test tube for drying.


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Serum separating gel


    2、 Use of gel serum separating tube


    After the blood collection of the separation tube is completed, the user should pay attention to slowly rotating the test tube about 5 times, and the amplitude of the movement should not be too large, so that it can come into uniform contact with the reagent. Then let it stand for about half an hour, wait for the blood sample to completely coagulate, and then put it into a centrifuge for operation. At this time, the centrifugation speed and time need to be controlled. If the centrifugation rate and time are not properly controlled, the separation of gel will not work. If it cannot be overturned, it will cause hemolysis when the blood sample is mixed with gel.


    3、 Problems of gel serum separating tube


    In reality, due to the lack of experience of many clinical staff, the use of gel serum separation tube in the actual operation process led to the blockage of the analytical instrument caused by fibrin residues in the serum. If the condition of complete blood coagulation is excluded, it is related to the quality of gel. Although there are many businesses selling separation gel, there are still many inferior products, so we must pay attention to them when choosing. If the experimental process is very smooth, wait for the serum to be completely separated, let it stand for a few minutes, and then use the machine for testing and analysis. It cannot be immediately taken out for use, otherwise it will also cause poor testing results.


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