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Company News About serum separator gel composition

serum separator gel composition

serum separator gel composition

serum separator gel composition


    In clinical blood detection, blood collection vessel is a container widely used for blood sample collection. Because of its internal separation gel composition that can accommodate and separate serum and plasma, it is the preferred product of major medical institutions. In addition, because of the special gravity of serum separation gel, it can not only effectively separate serum and plasma, but also complete the preservation and transportation of blood samples to prevent secondary infection accidents of blood samples. Since it is a substance widely recognized and used in medicine, let's focus on taking you to a specific understanding.


    1、 What is the serum separation gel composition?


    In fact, it is a network structure composed of a large number of hydrogen bonds, appearing in the form of a transparent or semi transparent viscous colloid in front of everyone. Many manufacturers will accurately control their specific gravity, physiological inertia, viscosity and thixotropy during research and development, so that they can quickly and smoothly separate serum and plasma after contacting with blood, ensuring the stability of their components and the accuracy of experimental results.


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serum separation gel


    2、 Working principle of serum separation gel composition


    Its working principle is that the specific gravity of the separated gel is 1.05, the serum is 1.02, and the blood clot is about 1.08. When it is centrifuged in the same blood collection vessel with the coagulated blood sample, the centrifugal force will cause changes in the hydrogen bond structure. At this time, the viscosity of the separated gel will also become lower, so that the blood clot can be transferred to the bottom of the tube, and the separated gel will turn over, forming three parts in the tube: serum, separated gel, and blood clot, so as to help medical personnel extract high-quality serum or plasma samples for testing.


    3、 Where can I buy serum separation gel?


    Although there are many businesses selling serum separation gel on the market, it is still necessary to choose carefully if you want to buy reagents with reliable quality and stable performance. As a manufacturer specializing in the production of serum separation gel, Desheng has experienced several decades of development. It has made continuous breakthroughs from the first generation of separation gel to the fifth generation of separation gel, and has further improved its key performance. At the same time, it has brought new products with excellent quality to the market. If you want to purchase, you can make it your preferred target.


    As a direct selling manufacturer of serum separation gel in China, Desheng Company has independent plant and production equipment, and can supply a large number of goods at a preferential price at any time. If you are interested, please click on the website to inquire and purchase!