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Several points need to know in the use of anticoagulants

China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
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Several points need to know in the use of anticoagulants

Anticoagulants are chemical agents or substances that can prevent blood coagulation. Commonly used anticoagulants are heparin, EDTA, citrate, oxalate and so on. Although we need to choose the appropriate anticoagulant according to different requirements in practical application, their basic performance is still the same as that of blood coagulation. Therefore, we need to know several points in the process of use:


1、 After taking blood with anticoagulant blood collection, how to place it and how long can it be placed

We in the Department of Hematology, laboratory commonly used to anticoagulant tube, anticoagulant tube, as the name implies, is to add anticoagulant blood collection, it is mainly used to save blood, prevent blood coagulation. Generally speaking, how long the anticoagulant tube can keep blood is mainly determined by the anticoagulant substances in the anticoagulant tube. Anticoagulant substances mainly include heparin and liquid.


In addition, the test items are different, and the storage time is also different. If the blood routine and other morphological examination, in 2 to 8 degrees can be preserved for 7 days, if the biochemical test, generally not more than 12 hours. If it is blood glucose test, the result will be inaccurate after 2 hours without refrigeration and adding other reagents.

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2、 Several factors affecting the anticoagulant effect are as follows

(1) Blood flow is not smooth, resulting in coagulation without mixing with anticoagulants.

(2) The amount of anticoagulant is insufficient or ineffective.

(3) Blood samples and anticoagulants were not completely mixed (especially solid anticoagulants, such as blood routine) or forgot to mix due to staff error.

(4) The use time of pressure pulse band is too long, which can accelerate coagulation reaction. It is difficult to find the micro coagulation assembly, which leads to abnormal results, such as the influence of micro agglutination on blood routine test and coagulation series test.

(5) Use anticoagulants correctly. In general, serum is often used as sample in clinical test, and anticoagulant is not required. However, when anticoagulant is required for some special test items, attention should be paid to the selection of appropriate anticoagulant and the ratio of anticoagulant to blood. To prevent the change of red blood cell morphology.

In particular, anticoagulants containing K and Na salts cannot be used for the determination of K +, Na +, and those containing EDTA and oxalate cannot be used for the determination of Ca + +, because Ca + + can form insoluble substances with them. Oxalate and fluoride can not be used to determine enzymes and samples determined by enzymatic method, because they can activate or inhibit some enzyme activities. For example, oxalate can inhibit the activities of amylase, acid phosphatase and lactate dehydrogenase. Fluoride can activate urease and amylase.


Desheng is an old brand manufacturer of blood vessel additives. It has formed independent intellectual property rights and professional production and research ability in the aspect of blood collection additives. It has provided products and raw material solutions for more than 100 domestic and foreign manufacturers. The anticoagulant products of blood samples include heparin sodium, heparin lithium, trisodium citrate, EDTA dipotassium, EDTA potassium, potassium oxalate, etc.; the blood sample anticoagulant series products include blood coagulant powder, blood coagulant, etc.; the materials used for blood sample pretreatment include separation gel, silicification agent, etc.

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