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Shelf life of virus transportation media

China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
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Shelf life of virus transportation media
Latest company news about Shelf life of virus transportation media

The virus transportation media is a liquid added to the sampling tube to prolong the virus preservation time. Afte sampling, the virus or virus nucleic acid can be kept relatively intact in the in vitro environment, which is convenient for subsequent nucleic acid extraction and detection. If the sample deterioration is directly affected the detection, especially the current epidemic situation at home and abroad, so the length of its storage time is very important.


Different types of virus transportation media have different storage times. Generally, before sampling, both inactivated and activated virus transportation media can be stored at room temperature for half a year or even a year, but the storage time after sampling is very short. This is because the storage time does not depend on the quality of the transportation media, but on the characteristics of the virus or nucleic acid itself. Some companies have suspected that they are over-promoting when promoting the preservation time of their products. This needs to be screened.


Biological virus is an individual and its tiny creatures, even smaller than fungi and bacteria. It must be parasitic in living cells and proliferate in a replicating way. It is a non-cellular organism. Therefore, no matter whether it is inactivated or activated, the virus can only survive for a short time after sampling. If there is no virus transportation media, the virus will be degraded in a few minutes outside the body. Since the sampling tube is mainly used for the detection of viral nucleic acid, although the inactivated transportation media cleaves the virus, the RNase inhibitor added inside can protect its nucleic acid, as long as the nucleic acid can be detected during the experiment Diagnosis.


Another important factor affecting virus retention time is temperature. In general, the inactivated transportation media only needs to protect the nucleic acid from being degraded. It can be stored at 4℃ for one week, -20℃ for one month, and -80℃ for one year (if it is a blood sample, you need to add EDTA, heparin, Anticoagulants such as sodium citrate). If the activated transportation media cannot be detected in time after sampling, it must be stored at a low temperature of 4℃, and the storage time should not exceed 48 hours.


All in all, the long-term storage of the virus in vitro requires that the virus be subcultured repeatedly in liquid nitrogen at -196℃ or in cell culture. After sampling, it cannot survive for a long time in the sampling tube, so it should be as soon as possible after sampling Submit for inspection. Desheng Technology is a manufacturer specializing in virus transportation media. Welcome enterprises and individuls to call us for further consultation.

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