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Should the serum separation gel coagulation promoting tube shake

China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
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Should the serum separation gel coagulation promoting tube shake

Serum gel is a kind of viscous fluid, which contains a lot of hydrogen bonds in its structure. The network structure is formed due to the association of hydrogen bonds. Under the action of centrifugal force, the network structure is destroyed and becomes a fluid with low viscosity. After the centrifugal force disappears, the network structure is formed again and returns to a fluid with high viscosity. This property is called thixotropy.


When the gel and the coagulated blood are centrifuged in the same test tube, the gel forms a gel like isolation layer between the serum and the blood clot to separate the serum and the blood clot. Thus, the yield of serum is improved, the serum is preserved in the original state, the clinical test process is simplified, and the work efficiency is improved.

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Nowadays, the raw material of separation gel is polyester or polypropylene. The raw materials of separation gum are polyolefin, polyester and propylene. The accelerators are silica powder, silica carbon and snake venom, which are sprayed on the pipe wall. The separation gel is placed at the bottom of the test tube, injected into the blood sample, and centrifuged in the centrifuge after blood coagulation. The separation gel forms an isolation layer between the serum and the blood clot, and keeps the serum unchanged. The isolation layer adheres to the wall of the test tube tightly, and the serum can be directly absorbed by the automatic analyzer in the original state, or stored in cold storage. Long distance transportation does not affect the test results, and also avoids the influence of fibrin and hemolysis.


In addition, the whole process of blood sample injection into blood collection vessel, serum separation, analyzer direct serum collection, blood sample preservation and waste treatment is carried out in the same branch pipe, so as to avoid blood sample contamination of operators, prevent virus infection in blood, reduce medical waste and improve work efficiency. Therefore, the application of blood separation gel blood vessel in medical examination is indispensable. There are many people who are full of doubts about the need to shake when using the serum separation gel coagulation promoting tube? The answer to this question is yes.


In general, the operation of the gel coagulant tube for serum separation is to gently reverse the blood collection tube immediately after blood collection for 4-5 times to mix the sample. The strength is appropriate and should not be too large. It needs to be placed for 30 minutes to wait for the sample to fully coagulate, the centrifugal radius is 200 Px, the centrifugal speed is maintained at 3500-4000 R / min, and the centrifugal time is 10 minutes. The serum and blood clot are completely separated by the separation gel, and the serum samples can be directly detected on the computer or transferred to the test cup of the instrument.


Desheng has 15 years of rich experience in R & D and production of blood vessel additives, and has formed independent intellectual property rights and professional production and R & D capacity in the aspect of blood vessel additives. To provide products and raw material solutions for more than 100 domestic and foreign manufacturers. The serum separation gel produced by Desheng is radiation resistant, and is specially used to manufacture disposable vacuum blood collection vessel and injection blood collection vessel. It is a necessary material for the preservation, transfer and transfer of high-quality serum and blood samples in clinical examination.

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