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Company News About Some synthetic methods of acridine esters

Some synthetic methods of acridine esters

Some synthetic methods of acridine esters

Acridine chemiluminescence reagents mainly include acridine ester and acridine sulfonamide. Acridine ester is a very important chemiluminescence reagent with high quantum yield. The chemiluminescence efficiency of acridine ester is relatively high, which is generally five times or more than five times that of luminol. In addition, the chemiluminescence process of acridine ester reacts rapidly and has low background. It can emit light in the presence of sodium hydroxide and hydrogen peroxide. In the process of oxidation reaction, the conjugate is decomposed and does not affect the luminescence of free acridine ester. In addition, the chemiluminescence reagents of acridine ester series have very good stability and convenient storage.


In recent years, with the development of chemiluminescence application technology and instruments, especially the expanded application of acridine ester series products, it has a very significant effect. There are many types of acridine esters, such as acridine ester dmae-nhs. This paper will introduce the dmae-nhs of acridine ester.

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At present, there are many processes for the synthesis of acridine ester dmae-nhs, which can be attributed to the seven step method. For the shortcomings of this method, such as difficult reaction steps, high cost of raw materials and reagents, which is not conducive to large-scale preparation, the traditional seven step method is optimized, and a new five step chemical reaction method for the synthesis of acridine salt is developed. Acridine ester dmae-nhs was synthesized from 3,5-dimethyl-4-hydroxybenzoic acid and acridine 9 carboxylic acid through five steps of esterification, condensation, hydrolysis, succinyl amination and methylation.


Based on the above understanding, the synthetic method and evolutionary history of acridine salt dmae-nhs. In Hubei xindesheng Material Technology Co., Ltd., acridine ester has been produced and developed for more than ten years. Among them, acridine ester series has many models: acridine ester (dmae-nhs, nsp-dmae-nhs, me-dmae-nhs), acridine salt (nsp-sa, nsp-sa-nhs), acridine hydrazide nsp-sa-adh and other products. In addition, Hubei xindesheng materials can also provide blood collection additives, biological buffers, enzyme preparations, Carbomer, virus preservation solution and other products. If you want to know about the products, you can call for consultation. Desheng welcomes your call.