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Company News About stacking gel separating gel difference

stacking gel separating gel difference

stacking gel separating gel difference

stacking gel separating gel difference


    As a polymer, separation adhesive has undergone several generations of changes and upgrades since its emergence, and its key performance has also been qualitatively improved in various aspects. However, due to the differences in raw materials and production methods used by manufacturers, several different types of separation adhesives may appear, such as commonly used separation adhesives with acrylic acid, resin, and silicone rubber systems. Recently, there has been the emergence of concentrated glue again. What substance is it? What is the difference between it and the separation adhesive?


    1、 What is concentrated adhesive?


    It mainly refers to that in discontinuous polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, the gel concentration as the same medium will be divided into two types, namely, the negative electrode concentration is 2% - 5%, and the remaining concentration is 6% - 8% as the separation gel.


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Barreled serum separation gel


    2、 The difference between concentrated adhesive and separated adhesive


    1. Differences in nature


    From the performance of concentrated gel, it can be seen that it is a part of discontinuous polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, while the separating gel is a part of polyacrylamide gel in discontinuous buffer system. Its composition, pH value and gel pore size are significantly different from those of concentrated gel.


    2. Differences in reaction processes


    The reaction process of concentrated gel is obviously different from that of separation gel. Because the former has low gel concentration and larger pore diameter than that of separation gel, the resistance of charged protein or nucleic acid ion gel is small and the movement speed is fast. Once it is close to the small pore gel, the resistance becomes larger and the speed slows, which will concentrate the sample. However, the separation gel has high concentration and small pore size. Due to the role of molecular sieve, small molecular substances are easy to pass through, with small resistance and fast moving speed. At this time, they will be separated from gel by molecular sieve effect according to the difference of molecular weight.


    3. Differential effects


    Based on the performance of both, it can be clearly known that the concentrated gel has the function of reducing the resistance of ion movement and has the function of stacking, which can concentrate the diluted sample into a relatively tight state. At the same time, it also has stability, allowing proteins to aggregate at the moving interface, concentrate into intermediate blocks, and stabilize the entire reaction interface. The separation gel has many functions, the most important of which is prepared by the manufacturer. It can be added as an additive to vacuum test tubes to separate blood, ensuring the stability of serum components, and providing accurate and accurate data results for medical staff.


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