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Company News About Suggestions for Using Serum Separation Gel

Suggestions for Using Serum Separation Gel

Suggestions for Using Serum Separation Gel

Most of tests in clinical chemistry, immunoassays are need to detect serum. After blood collection, it will coagulate naturally. Under the action of coagulation factors, fibrinogen is decomposed into fibrin filaments, which tightly surround blood cells to form blood clots, and a part of serum is precipitated.However, if the blood collection volume is insufficient, the precipitated serum cannot satisfy detection needs. Therefore, the serum separation gel produced to quickly and fully separate blood clots and serum or separate plasma from cells. The operation is simple and practical. Today, the editor of Desheng will briefly explain the problems that may occur in the use of serum separation gel,and our suggestions for them.


In practical operation, there will be various problems related to the separation glue, such as the generation of air bubbles in the blood collection tubes, and the phenomenon of separation glue drawn a wire when added into tubes. The reasons and solutions for these problems are analyzed below.


In the process of adding glue by machine or manually, the separation gel may contact with the air when it is injected into the bottom of the blood collection tube, resulting in the generation of air bubbles. Or the vacuum of the mixer is not enough, which will cause air to enter and form bubbles. This bubble will not affect the properties of separation gel. When bubbles appear, Desheng recommends centrifuging for 2 hours after adding glue. In addition, when the separation gel is sterilized by cobalt 60 irradiation, the temperature of the separation gel in the test tube can reach 80 °C. When the irradiation dose is too large, a great amount of heat is not discharged in time, and bubbles will also be formed. Desheng Company recommends that the irradiation dose should be controlled at 15-25kgy. The temperature of the serum separating glue in the PET tubes should be controlled at 40-50 °C, and the glass tubes should be controlled below 80 °C.


Serum separation gel is a viscous fluid, and its viscosity varies with temperature. When the ambient temperature is low, it will difficult to add glue, and cause wire drawn phenomenon. At that time,Desheng recommends heating the separating gel to around 60-70 ℃ by hot water to reduce the viscosity. Increase the suction speed or break the wire by vibration are also can solve the problem.


After years of research and development, Hubei New Desheng Material Technology Co., Ltd. has obtained an independent patent for serum separation gel. Cooperate with our company,we can provide you with more professional advices about serum separation gel. If necessary, please send inquire.