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Company News About Take you a simple step to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of serum separation gel

Take you a simple step to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of serum separation gel

Take you a simple step to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of serum separation gel

Serum separation gel, a kind of raw material commonly used in hospital laboratory, is indispensable for many biochemical analysis. It is an inert polymer, insoluble in water, and has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, oxidation resistance and high stability. Some manufacturers such as Desheng also have the characteristics of anti irradiation.

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Packing and delivery of serum separation gel

The main purpose of serum separation gel is to form an isolation layer between blood cell components and serum, which can effectively prevent the material exchange between blood cells and serum, ensure the stability of serum components within a certain period of time, and make the test results closer to the biochemical level. The separation gel collecting vessel with coagulant can shorten the blood coagulation time, quickly get the serum and the processed blood The blood sample can withstand the shaking and bumping of long-distance transportation. The isolation layer of separation glue can adhere to the test tube tightly after centrifugation. The serum can be directly drawn from the automatic analyzer in the original state or stored in cold storage. The long-distance transportation does not affect the test results, and also avoids the influence of fibrinogen and hemolysis.


In addition, a series of processes such as blood sample injection into blood collection vessel, serum separation, analyzer direct serum collection, blood sample preservation and waste disposal are carried out in the same branch pipe, which can avoid the contamination of blood samples, prevent the infection of virus in blood, and ensure the biological safety of the test process.


With the improvement of people's health awareness, blood testing has become more common. Serum separation glue is favored by various medical institutions, and there are many manufacturers of separation glue. Due to the different requirements of medical institutions for separation glue, the components of separation glue produced by each manufacturer are different, no matter from the transparency, color, viscosity, specific gravity and other aspects of performance. High quality serum separation gel can shorten the time of serum separation, and the separation gel is between serum and blood cells, which can effectively protect the serum components, so as to realize the original tube on the machine, save the serum in the original tube for future reference, and reduce the possibility of error caused by re tube transfer.


However, the influence of inferior separation gel on the test items can not be ignored. The use of inferior separation gel can make the triglyceride (TG) in the test results increase abnormally. Therefore, the comparative test must be done before the use of serum separation gel. Triglyceride can be detected by the following method, which is fast, simple and easy to operate


1. Instruments and reagents: automatic biochemical analyzer, triglyceride (trig) reagent and calibration solution, 5ml disposable sterile syringe, Desheng serum separation gel blood vessel, inferior serum separation gel blood vessel of a certain brand, traditional common blood vessel, 0.9% sodium chloride injection.


2. Methods: traditional common blood collecting vessels were used as control group A, Desheng serum separated blood collecting vessels were used as control group B, and inferior serum separated blood collecting vessels of a certain brand were used as experimental group C. each group randomly selected 10 tubes of blood collecting vessels, each tube added 5ml 9% sodium chloride injection, placed in 37 ℃ water bath for 15min, centrifuged at 3000r / min for 10min, the above tubes were measured on the automatic biochemical analyzer, and the test results were recorded. Compared with the results, TG could not be detected in the blood collection vessels of group A and group B, but different concentrations of TG could be detected in each tube of group C. through this method, the contrast test can be done quickly and accurately The quality of separating glue in blood collection vessel was evaluated.