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Company News About Test indicators and precautions for serum clot activator

Test indicators and precautions for serum clot activator

Test indicators and precautions for serum clot activator

Test indicators and precautions for serum clot activator


    Serum samples, as one of the important clinical test specimens, were extracted by most medical institutions in the past by collecting blood samples and automatically precipitating them after complete coagulation of the blood. But usually, the natural coagulation time of blood after leaving the human body is long, which is not only difficult for medical staff to extract, but also difficult to ensure whether the extracted specimen is qualified. This method is basically difficult to meet the requirements of rapid laboratory testing, and the emergence of serum clot activators has fully improved this situation. Below, we will introduce it in detail.


     What is a serum clot activator?


    Serum clot activators, also known as "coagulants", have the function of activating coagulation factors, promoting the generation of thrombin and fibrin clots in the blood, accelerating the contraction of blood cell coagulation, and thus achieving the goal of rapid serum extraction.


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   What are the test indicators for serum clot activators?


    1. Initial setting time: After adding the activator to the test tube and fully contacting the blood sample, the appearance of the initial setting with the naked eye will be similar to that of a jelly sample. Although there is a setting phenomenon, it still oscillates.


    2. Deep coagulation: The vacuum tube can be picked up and slowly shaken, and if there is a clear and visible blood clot indicating deep coagulation.


    3. Complete coagulation: Shake the test tube until the blood clots inside the tube remain almost stationary.


    4. Place it in a centrifuge for centrifugation, set the time and speed that meet the experimental requirements, and observe whether the serum appearance is transparent and there is no blood entrapment phenomenon after completion.


    What are the precautions for using serum clot activators?


    To achieve the goal of promoting coagulation, it is first necessary to pay attention to the ambient temperature. If the temperature is too low, corresponding changes should be made to the dosage and mixing frequency to ensure sufficient coagulation time, or the temperature should be controlled using a water bath.


    Ensure complete coagulation, and serum cannot be extracted without complete coagulation in the blood, which can easily lead to hemolysis and damage to cellular components, making it impossible to extract high-quality serum samples.


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