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Company News About The application of Tris buffer, the industry solution is here

The application of Tris buffer, the industry solution is here

The application of Tris buffer, the industry solution is here

In order to resist the influence of a small amount of strong acid and based on biochemical research work, we often use an important reagent-buffer solution. Tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane, CAS corresponding number 77-86-1, is an important member of the buffer family, and is also widely used in the preparation of buffers in biochemistry and molecular biology experiments. It is also used for the preparation of surfactants and vulcanization accelerators; and the preparation of water-soluble polymers using Tris structural units as coating dispersants.


The advantages of TRIS buffers are also obvious. Because Tris base has a certain alkalinity, it can be used to prepare buffers with a wide range of pH from acidic to alkaline. Tris has little interference to the biochemical process and will not precipitate with calcium, non-heavy metal magnesium and heavy metal ions. There are two ways to prepare Tri-HCl buffer: use 0.05 mol/L Tris and 0.05 mol/L HCl solution, and then mix according to the volume listed in the common table. However, the standard concentration of dilute hydrochloric acid is not easy to obtain, so another method is usually used: Take 1 liter of 0.1 mol/L Tri-HCl buffer solution as an example: first, use 12.11 grams of Tris base to dissolve it in 950 mL~970 mL of deionized water, then add 4 N HCl while stirring. Use a pH meter to measure the pH of the solution to the desired pH, and then add 1L of water.


Tris buffer is a buffer widely used in biochemical research. The common effective pH range is in the "neutral" range, for example: Tris-HCl buffer: pH = 7.5~8.5 Tris-phosphate buffer: pH = 5.0~9.0 In the electrophoresis buffer solution, glycine can form a stable pH Value buffer system.


The Tris-HCl buffer system is used to stabilize the pH of the gel. It is also widely used as a solvent for nucleic acids and proteins. The synthesis of nematode intermediate fibers also uses the low ionic strength of Tris buffer. Add EDTA to Tris hydrochloric acid buffer to prepare TE buffer. This buffer can be used for DNA structure stabilization research and storage. The "TAE buffer" is obtained by substituting acetic acid for the pH adjusting acid solution, and the TBE buffer is obtained by substituting boric acid. Two commonly used buffers are used for nucleic acid electrophoresis experiments.


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