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The connection between virus and Virus Transport Media

China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
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The connection between virus and Virus Transport Media
Latest company news about The connection between virus and Virus Transport Media

Viruses, the most primitive and smallest life on earth, may have existed for 4 billion years. We need to parasitize inside cells. We don’t know whether there are cells or viruses first. At this moment, As a virus, I fell into a tube of Virus Transport Media, and looking back at history can be described as a tumultuous year.

latest company news about The connection between virus and Virus Transport Media  0

Virus infected cells


The war between viruses and cells may have lasted 1 billion years or 4 billion years. No one knows, but it must be the longest jihad on this planet. This jihad also caused us to "jump out of the three realms, Viruses that are not in the "Five Elements" are constantly evolving. No, the new coronavirus is our challenge to the human being, the soul of all creatures called the highest creature on earth. Many humans are hindsight, but in fact the battle of viruses has already started, and listen to me:

Virus intrusion

For us who have evolved for 4 billion years, it is not difficult to invade the human body. Even if the skin can resist most viruses, fortunately, the mouth, nose, and eyes are open channels. Maybe just a sneeze, we can infect the surroundings. Humanity. But our intention is not to kill humans, but to reproduce, so from SARS to the new crown, we continue to evolve towards low toxicity. Of course, there are also not enough "smart", such as Ebola virus and MERS is a high lethal rate.

Virus attack cell

Our viruses need to be parasitic, so invading the human body requires advanced attack cells. First, we must avoid the Y-type protein-antibodies patrol back and forth between cells. Once identified, they will be locked by antibodies and then swallowed by white blood cells. Some of our viruses can reach the cell membrane on the cell surface after breaking through the defense line. There are also hundreds of receptor proteins. Large molecules must have special protein keys if they want to enter. After billions of years of evolution, our prominent fiber tail has already obtained the key, so that the virus army has successfully infiltrated into the cell.

Virus hijacks the nucleus

After the virus enters the cell, it will be sent to the sorting station, the endosome, which is acidic, which will acid off the virus capsid and then break down the virus. This looks like the end of the virus, but when the virus fiber is broken down, the special protein released will tear the endoplasmic wall membrane, and sacrifice a part of the virus-accompanied virus companion, the virus army can develop like a cell nucleus Too. First of all, we combined the motor protein under the cell membrane and used the energy of the mitochondria, a power station that swims inside the cell, to reach the surface of the nuclear membrane. There are many completely different channels here, and billions of chemical signals and instructions are transmitted between DNA and cells through these nuclear pores.

We have a forged pass on the viral capsid that locks the tentacles of nuclear membrane proteins, but because it is too large to enter directly, the reverse movement of the motor protein tears the virus. It seems to be a disaster, but it allows us to expose the nucleic acid of the virus through the nuclear hole and enter the cell's headquarters-the cell nucleus. So far, we have successfully hijacked the cell, and then control the nuclear replication virus, let it destroy itself.

But now, I am trapped in a tube of Virus Transport Media, the cells will counterattack, and humans will also counterattack. Various new vaccines are also intensifying research and development. This virus holy war has not ended, and will continue...

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