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Company News About The detected principle of luminol reagent

The detected principle of luminol reagent

The detected principle of luminol reagent

Luminol, a solution commonly used in crime scene testing, can identify scrubbed or long-lived bloodstains that react with blood to produce a blue glow.


Luminol is extremely sensitive and is very suitable for testing the presence or absence of bloodstains in the YES/NO dimension, but it cannot guarantee that it is human blood, and criminal investigation needs to use other means to further characterize it; according to its reaction principle, without considering the premise of interfering substances , the fluorescence intensity of the imprint is proportional to the amount of blood.

Fluorescence intensity is not equal to the imaging result. Different exposure parameters and methods can collect different images, but generally you only need to fully expose the reaction results to easily identify the presence/absence, so the fluorescence results you generally see are mostly vague.It doesn't mean better developing means won't lead to better pictures.


What is the detected principle of luminol reagent?

Its principle is that it will be catalyzed by elements such as metal iron and copper after it’s fused with hydrogen peroxide solution.And the hemoglobin in our human body contains iron.The mixed solution glows blue even encountering very few blood.

It has been found that although the DNA in the blood can be destroyed by strong oxidants such as potassium permanganate, the luminol reagent is different. The DNA still can be identified after being dealt with luminol.


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