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Company News About The difference between carbomer 940 and 980

The difference between carbomer 940 and 980

The difference between carbomer 940 and 980

Carbomer, also known as carbopol, is actually a powerful polymer hidden behind this seemingly simple name. It is carefully cross-linked with acrylic acid and acryloyl sucrose or acryloyl pentaerythritol, and this unique structure endows it with a series of remarkable characteristics.


Firstly, Carbomer has demonstrated outstanding performance in the field of emulsification. It can easily emulsify oily liquids at a temperature of about 25 degrees, which is a remarkable achievement in the entire chemical industry. Even more surprising is that the entire emulsification process takes a very short time, which greatly improves production efficiency and reduces production costs. This efficient and convenient emulsification ability has enabled Carbomer to be widely used in fields such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and personal care products.


In addition to outstanding performance in the field of emulsification, Carbomer also holds an important position in the skincare industry. As an excellent stabilizer, it can effectively maintain the stability and durability of skincare products. Adding carbomer to skincare products not only makes the product more stable, but also enhances its moisturizing effect, making the skin smoother and more delicate. In addition, carbomer also has good permeability and biocompatibility, which can quickly penetrate deep into the skin, providing sufficient nutrition and moisture for the skin.


In the Carbomer series, the Carbomer 940 and Carbomer 980 are two highly anticipated products. In contrast, Carbomer 940 has better permeability and viscosity, which makes it more advantageous in certain specific applications. For example, when it is necessary to prepare high concentration gel, Carbomer 940 can easily cope with it and show excellent performance. However, if you need to prepare 75% free gel, Carbomer 980 will be a better choice. Due to the relatively narrow applicability of Carbomer 940, it is usually only suitable for concentrations below 65%.


As a professional manufacturer of Carbomer 940 and 980, Desheng Company ensures excellent product quality with its advanced production technology and strict quality control system. The company not only provides high-quality Carbomer products, but also professional technical consulting and solutions for customers. Whether you are a cosmetics manufacturer, pharmaceutical manufacturer, or personal care product enterprise, Desheng Company can provide you with Carbomer products and technical support that meet your needs.


In summary, carbomer, as a powerful polymer, plays an important role in fields such as emulsification and skincare. The Carbomer 940 and Carbomer 980, as outstanding ones, have received widespread attention and application. If you are interested in Carbomer products or have any questions, please feel free to contact Desheng Company, and we will be happy to serve you!