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Company News About The Influence of EDTA-K2 pollution on heparin blood Biological testing

The Influence of EDTA-K2 pollution on heparin blood Biological testing

The Influence of EDTA-K2 pollution on heparin blood Biological testing

The Influence of EDTA-K2 pollution on heparin blood Biological testing

  Disodium (EDTA-Na2), dipotassium (EDTA-K2) and tripotassium (EDTA-K3) are three kinds of Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) salt,which commonly used as anticoagulant for testing.

  In order to ensure that blood does not coagulate, blood collection tubes containing anticoagulant are widely used in normal Routine blood test. EDTA dipotassium (EDTA-K2) is always the best choice with better anticoagulant effect,and little influence on the shape of blood cells.

  Because the solubility of potassium salt is better than EDTA-Na2,so EDTA-K2 and EDTA-K3 are more widely used than EDTA-Na2.Compared to EDTA-K3,EDTA-K2 can compensate for cell wrinkles caused by osmotic pressure with lower PH.

EDTA-K2 pollution often causes abnormally high concentration of Potassium in patients, which is inconsistent with the clinical manifestations of patients.


  However, EDTA-K2 pollution may also affect other biochemical indicators, but how much EDTA-K2 concentration effects, and what kind of conventional biochemical indicators affected ? This article by the lippi.g team in Biochem Med (Zagreb) systematically explores the effect of increased concentrations of EDTA-K2 on the results of routine biochemical assays.


  Materials and methods: This paper recruited 15 volunteers from the laboratory staffs. Two vials of lithium heparin and one vial of EDTAK2 samples were collected from each study subject. EDTA blood sample was diluted with lithium heparin blood into different lithium heparin concentrations of 0%, 5%, 13%, 29% and 43% EDTA.Then,separating samples and testing biochemical indicators including ALT,bilirubin,cholesterol,creatinine,iron,LDH,lipase, potassium,sodium,chloride,magnesium and phosphorus.


  Results indicate as EDTA2K concentration (from 5% concentration) increased, the amount of calcium, cholesterol, iron, lactate dehydrogenase, magnesium decreased,but potassium increased. The EDTA concentrations that significantly increased the results of the potassium were 13% and 29%. With the increase of the concentration of EDTA, the amount of ALT bilirubin and lipase did not change. Low concentrations of EDTA2K (from 5%) have greater effects on calcium, cholesterol, lactate dehydrogenase, magnesium and potassium. But for For sodium,phosphorus and iron,higher EDTA2K (from 29%) concentration needed.


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