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Company News About The main characteristics and uses of the additive sodium heparin liquid for blood collection

The main characteristics and uses of the additive sodium heparin liquid for blood collection

The main characteristics and uses of the additive sodium heparin liquid for blood collection

Heparin sodium is an important biomedical compound that, as a polysaccharide compound, has anticoagulant and anti-inflammatory effects and is widely used in clinical medicine and laboratory research fields. Due to its special role in medical and life sciences, it is important to have a deep understanding of its structure, uses, and characteristics. Below, we will give you a specific introduction around this aspect.


Molecular structure and chemical properties


Heparin sodium is a polysaccharide compound, which is composed of monosaccharide units such as Glucuronic acid and N-acetylglucosamine. Its main feature is that the molecular chain contains Organosulfate groups, which endow heparin sodium with strong anticoagulant ability. Because of its complex and diverse molecular structure, heparin sodium has broad application prospects in the medical field.


The use of heparin sodium liquid


Heparin sodium can be prepared as a drug or used as an additive, and its drugs are commonly used in clinical anticoagulation therapy, prevention and treatment of thrombosis. In cardiovascular surgery, hemodialysis and Pulmonary embolism, heparin sodium liquid is used for intravenous injection to reduce blood coagulation and prevent thrombosis. The additive, on the other hand, dissolves the original powder, then sprays it onto the inner wall of the test tube and dries it. It performs anticoagulant treatment on blood samples in vitro and is suitable for various biochemical tests, such as liver and kidney function testing.


The main characteristics of heparin sodium


1. Anticoagulant properties: The main characteristic of heparin sodium is its powerful anticoagulant effect, which inhibits blood coagulation reactions by binding with anticoagulant factors, thereby reducing the risk of clinical occurrence.


2. Safety: Heparin sodium injection liquid is widely used in clinical practice, and its safety has been fully verified. However, during use, attention should be paid to dosage and medication monitoring to prevent potential adverse reactions.


3. Stability: The solution is stored in a cool and dry place, not exposed to air, and has good stability.


Heparin sodium, as an important anticoagulant reagent and laboratory reagent, plays a crucial role in the fields of medicine and life sciences. To ensure its safety and effectiveness, attention should be paid to the dosage, usage, and storage conditions when using heparin sodium.


As the raw material manufacturer of heparin sodium, Desheng has strict requirements on its solubility and simple preparation, but it should be noted that its heparin sodium is used as a Anticoagulant for blood collection and cannot be used as a drug to treat any disease. If you have the need to purchase heparin sodium raw materials, please feel free to contact us for purchase!