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Company News About The principle of carbomer powder forming gel

The principle of carbomer powder forming gel

The principle of carbomer powder forming gel

Carbomers usually come in the form of a fluffy, white, hygroscopic powder and may have a slight acetic acid odor. There are many types of carbomers available on the market, and the main uses are basically the same, the difference is the type of process solvent used ( benzene or non-benzene), the type and amount of crosslinking agent used, and the addition of optional additives to improve wetting and dispersion.
Carbomer is a non-toxic substance with little or no potential to irritate skin and eyes at concentrations used in cosmetics and personal care products, so it is an important ingredient in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. In its powder form, it needs to be used after preparation, and it is mainly used in these fields in the form of gel.
Each carbomer particle is actually a macromolecule containing many linear PAA chains that are cross-linked together. After carbomer cross-linking, the result is that these macromolecules are not truly water-soluble. Instead, cross-linked hydrophilic PAA The mass of the chain is only water dispersible and water swellable. Unlike non-crosslinked PAA, which dissolves in solution to form polymer coils, overlapping and entanglement with increasing concentration, carbomers disperse in water and swell upon neutralization, forming a microgel solution.
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