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Company News About The role of chemiluminescence analysis in environmental detection

The role of chemiluminescence analysis in environmental detection

The role of chemiluminescence analysis in environmental detection

With the formation and continuous development of environmental science, a new environmental monitoring technology has emerged. Chemiluminescence analysis is a common analysis method, which is mainly used in modern testing technology in environmental monitoring. According to the intensity or total amount of radiation produced by chemical reaction, the corresponding component content can be determined by chemiluminescence analysis.


Chemiluminescence analysis is an independent analytical technology in atmospheric environmental monitoring, which can effectively analyze trace and trace amounts. In China, after years of in-depth research in chemiluminescence analysis. It is proved that this technology has become an important technology in many aspects, such as air pollutants research, atmospheric environment monitoring, etc.


Luminol is one of the earliest and most widely used chemiluminescence reagents. The chemiluminescence reaction of luminol needs to be carried out under alkaline conditions. For example, it can be oxidized by some oxidants, and the maximum emission wavelength of luminol is 425nm. Generally, the oxidant used is hydrogen peroxide. Luminol chemiluminescence system has been successfully used to determine the concentrations of SO2, Co, O3, HS and NOx in the air for a long time.


In addition, the chemiluminescence reaction between luminol and hydrogen peroxide is very slow in the absence of catalyst, otherwise it is very fast. The most commonly used catalysts are metal ions. In a large concentration range, the higher the concentration of metal ions, the stronger the luminous intensity. Therefore, the chemiluminescence analysis of some metal ions can be carried out. Using this reaction, the organic compounds containing metal ions can be analyzed, achieving high sensitivity.


Environmental monitoring involves many kinds of pollutants in the analysis gas, involving a wide range of aspects, so it needs high sensitivity, wide linear range, and the use of fast and simple detection method. Chemiluminescence analysis has its own unique advantages, which can well meet the above requirements and is widely used in atmospheric environmental monitoring. In order to be able to better adapt to atmospheric environmental monitoring, chemiluminescence analysis will have a good prospect in the following aspects.


The application research of chemiluminescence in environmental monitoring and analysis has been developing day by day. With the continuous development of chemiluminescence instruments with high degree of automation, sensitivity and selectivity, and the development and launch of commercial monitoring instruments, the application of chemiluminescence in environmental monitoring will be popularized and promoted rapidly.