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The Different Types of Virus Transport Media

China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
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The Different Types of Virus Transport Media
Latest company news about The Different Types of Virus Transport Media

Virus Transport Media is divided into inactivated type and activated type. It is a solution that protects the head of the virus swab after sampling in the virus sampling tube, which can prevent the swab from being immediately after the virus sampling In the case of detection, it can also be stored or transported for a period of time to prevent the viral nucleic acid from being decomposed and undetectable.

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There are many steps to detect the entire viral nucleic acid. Among them, sampling with nasopharyngeal swabs or other swabs, as well as the storage and transportation of viral samples are the pre-processing steps of nucleic acid detection. Swabs are a more commonly used method of taking biological samples, and can be used for molecular biology analysis such as PCR and nucleic acid detection. The characteristics of swab sampling are fast and non-intrusive, which will not cause harm or other impact to the sampled object. It is very suitable for large-scale screening sampling and sampling of special groups (such as children and the elderly) and tissues and organs.


Since most virus sampling sites do not have the conditions for immediate detection, it is important to store and transport the virus for inspection, and the virus is difficult to survive in vitro, so it is necessary to use the virus transport media The virus sample soaked up. Among them, the inactivated virus transport media is safer, and conventional cryopreservation is sufficient. The samples stored in the activated virus transport media have shorter storage time or require strict cryopreservation, but the detection rate is higher, and not only can be used for nucleic acids Detection. However, it should be noted that the more virus transport media in the sampling tube, the better the preservation. Because the virus transport media is a solution, it will have a dilution effect on the virus sample. Too much addition will reduce the detection rate of nucleic acid detection.


After the virus sample is delivered to the testing institution, the nucleic acid is purified through the processes of lysate lysis, centrifugation, separation, etc. When extracting DNA or RNA, care should be taken to prevent the cleavage of the nucleic acid. RNA samples also need to undergo reverse transcription reactions through reverse transcription primers, dNTPs, reverse transcriptase, etc. to produce the corresponding DNA. Then, the DNA polymerase catalyzes PCR amplification with specific primers of viral cDNA. If there are amplified DNA bands, it can be determined that the sample contains virus, otherwise it is not.


Virus transport media, sampling swabs, and sampling tubes related to virus detection are the products recommended by Desheng. Especially in the case of serious epidemics, it is also the company's purpose to provide high-quality goods for related products in short supply in the market. Large quantities of preservatives and swabs can also be discounted.

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