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These diseases need to be prevented in the beginning of the school season in September

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China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
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Company News
These diseases need to be prevented in the beginning of the school season in September
Latest company news about These diseases need to be prevented in the beginning of the school season in September

When registering in September, students have stepped into the school gate, and the lively September has already arrived. This year's students have spent the longest winter vacation in history due to the impact of the epidemic, so they cannot relax their vigilance when the school starts. Desheng comprehensively analyzes the epidemic data of infectious diseases over the years, domestic and foreign epidemic trends, and meteorological and hydrological data, and hereby remind everyone that in September, we should pay special attention to new coronary pneumonia, dengue fever, hand, foot and mouth disease, and foodborne infectious diseases! And sorted out some preventive measures for these diseases.

latest company news about These diseases need to be prevented in the beginning of the school season in September  0

1. New coronary pneumonia

High-risk places: places where people gather at homes, schools, and workplaces.

Transmission route: mainly spread through respiratory droplets, close contact, and indirect spread through contact with contaminated items.

Symptoms: The main manifestations are fever, dry cough, and fatigue.



(1) After the school starts, the school strictly implements daily management, and grasps the health status of faculty, staff and students daily.

(2) Carry out the registration system for entering and leaving the school, keep the school doors closed; strengthen indoor ventilation, keep the classroom clean, and high-frequency contact with the surface of objects in public areas, such as door handles, desks and chairs, lecterns, stair rails, elevator buttons And so on, arrange for someone to clean and disinfect every day. If air conditioning is used, the air supply safety of the air conditioning system should be ensured.

(3) Keep a safe distance from others in the dining line. No outsiders are allowed to enter the dormitory. Students do not gather or visit in the dormitory area.

(4) Masks must be worn when in close contact with people, in crowded, closed places, or in transportation.

(5) When there are suspected symptoms such as fever and dry cough, take the initiative to go to a regular hospital for treatment. During the treatment process, you must wear a mask and avoid taking public transportation.


2. Dengue fever

Places with high incidence: homes, construction sites, schools and other places where people gather and where there are many mosquitoes.

Transmission route: Aedes spread.

Symptoms: persistent fever, headache, muscle aches, rash, flushing of face, neck, chest, etc.

Preventive measures: The key to dengue fever is to prevent mosquitoes. In recent times, there have been continuous rains and humid air in many places. Friends of the public should always check all kinds of stagnant water in their homes that may have mosquitoes, clean up dead corners, and turn over pots. When going out, wear long-sleeved trousers or apply repellent, and use mosquito coils and mosquito nets at home to prevent mosquito bites.


3. Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

High-incidence places: kindergartens.

Transmission route: Respiratory tract transmission, contact with children, and indirect contact with dirty hands, toys and utensils.

Symptoms: fever, maculopapular rash and herpes on the palms, soles, buttocks, and herpes or ulcers on the oral mucosa.



(1) Pay attention to household and surrounding environmental hygiene, and pay attention to personal hygiene. Wash your hands frequently, do not drink raw water, and do not eat raw or cold food; caregivers should wash their hands before touching children, changing diapers for young children, or after handling feces; often ventilate the room and dry clothes and quilts frequently.

(2) The condition of hand, foot and mouth disease in young children changes rapidly, so they should not deal with it by themselves to avoid delay in treatment. Pay close attention to changes in children's conditions and seek medical attention in time.

(3) At present, there is no specific medicine for hand, foot and mouth disease. Children of the appropriate age can voluntarily vaccinate hand, foot and mouth disease at their own expense. The EV71 vaccine is targeted for susceptible children ≥ 6 months of age. The sooner the vaccination is, the better; the vaccination procedure is encouraged to be completed before 12 months , In order to play a protective role as soon as possible.


4. Foodborne diseases

High-incidence places: unit canteens, school canteens and other collective dining places

Transmission route: food transmission. Popular throughout the year, with high incidence in summer and autumn.

Symptoms: Mainly acute gastrointestinal symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and occasionally accompanied by fever.



(1) Ensure food safety and wash hands frequently. Choose fresh foods, do not buy foods of unknown origin and abnormal sensory properties, and do not eat foods that have exceeded the shelf life.

(2) The key is to separate raw and cooked, and cook thoroughly. Generally speaking, fresh food must be fully heated before eating, and seafood and meat must be cooked thoroughly to ensure food safety.

(3) When dining out, you should choose a restaurant with a catering service license, and not eat at restaurants with poor sanitation and mobile vendors.

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