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Company News About Transparent gel carbomer 940 solution was originally configured

Transparent gel carbomer 940 solution was originally configured

Transparent gel carbomer 940 solution was originally configured

Carbomer is a highly hydrophilic anionic polymer. It is a white loose powder with strong moisture absorption. It can swell rapidly in water, but it does not dissolve. The aqueous dispersion solution is acidic, the pH value of 1% aqueous dispersion is about 2.5 ~ 3.5, and the viscosity is low. When neutralized by alkali, the viscosity gradually increases with the gradual dissolution of macromolecules, forming a clear solution at low concentration, forming a semitransparent gel at a relatively large concentration. PH 6.5 ~ 7 has the greatest viscosity and consistency. When the dispersing solution of polymer glue is neutralized with alkali, a transparent and stable gel is formed.


How to quickly dissolve the white carbomer powder into water to make a transparent solution? From the German Sheng biological staff, here to explain to you directly do Kapo gel method, I hope to help you.


Prepare the following three raw materials: a carbomer 940 1g pure water 99ml, B triethanolamine drops, C antibacterial agent 0.5ml. Tools: mixing rod, measuring spoon / measuring cup, pH measuring paper and an empty jar. Place the A in the empty jar and stir quickly until it is even. If there is a lump, it can be crushed with a stirring stick. Or only half of the water is added. The remaining part is added before the transparent gel is formed. Stand aside and stir until carbomer 940 fully absorbs water and expands without caking. It takes about 2 ~ 3 hours for the colloid to fully expand and form. If you want to shorten the colloid formation time, you can use the water separation heating method to stir while heating, which takes about 10 ~ 30 minutes

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Add the alkali to neutralize. Add a drop and a drop in the drop. Measure the pH value with the side stirring. At pH7, it is transparent gel. This step is very important. It is the key to the formation of transparent gel. When making the first time, it is best to add a drop of neutralizer - agitation - measure the pH value, repeat this step to pH value until 7, so that the technology of modulation can be easily grasped. Next, it is easy to make. Add antibacterial agent, stir evenly, gel finish.

It should be noted that in general, about 1.35g of triethanolamine is required to neutralize 1g of polymer glue. Avoid compatibility with raw materials such as salts or acids, which will reduce its viscosity. It is stable in pH 4-10.


Triethanolamine is an alkalizing agent used to adjust the pH value of the product. Avoid using with nitrosylating agent. The maximum use concentration is 2.5%. Avoid using it in the same formula with formaldehyde as preservative. May cause skin irritation and sensitivity.


Desheng biochemical was founded in 2005, specializing in the R & D, production and sales of carbomer 940 / 980. Based on years of practice, it has formed a production and R & D capacity with independent intellectual property rights and professional. It provides products and raw material solutions for more than 100 manufacturing enterprises at home and abroad.