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Company News About Tris base produced by Desheng can be considered as a military coat in the insulation industry

Tris base produced by Desheng can be considered as a military coat in the insulation industry

Tris base produced by Desheng can be considered as a military coat in the insulation industry

If you ask which coat is the most popular in 2023, it should be a military coat. The main reason why many college students purchase military coats is that military coats have a high cost-effectiveness. Compared to other winter clothing such as down jackets and cotton jackets, military coats have good thermal insulation performance, but their prices are relatively low. Under high economic pressure, college students pay more attention to the practicality and cost-effectiveness of items, making military coats their first choice. It is said that Tris base produced by Desheng can be regarded as a military coat in the insulation industry. Let's take a look at Tris base from the following aspects to see if this metaphor is true.


1. There are many applications for Tris base


Tris base, also known as trimethylaminomethane, is an important organic compound. Tris base can stabilize the pH value of a solution over a wide range, and can play a role in dissolving, stabilizing, and protecting the structure of biological macromolecules in experiments such as molecular biology. In addition, it is widely used in experiments such as cosmetic raw materials, cell culture media, new coatings, electrophoresis, and chromatographic analysis. This makes Tris base highly valuable in biochemical research and biological experiments, widely used in fields such as molecular biology, cell biology, biochemistry, etc.


2. Tris has high purity and stable quality


As a professional chemical reagent manufacturer, Desheng has always been committed to providing high-quality and high-purity chemical reagents. It adopts advanced production processes and equipment, and a complete production line to ensure that the Tris base products produced are low in impurities and have a purity of ≥ 99%. Tris base products are stable at room temperature and are not prone to deterioration. They undergo strict quality control and repeated sampling confirmation to ensure stable quality of each batch of Tris base products.


3. Tris is easy to dissolve


Tris base produced by Desheng is a white crystalline powder with good water solubility. It can easily dissolve in water and is compatible with other commonly used buffering agents such as acetic acid, phosphate, etc. In addition, it will not have a significant impact on the structure and function of proteins, making its application in biological experiments more widespread.


4. Tris Advantages


Tris base produced by Desheng belongs to direct sales by manufacturers, eliminating the need for intermediaries. The product pricing is consistent with its value, with high cost-effectiveness, and Tris base delivers quickly.


Tris base is easy to store and transport. Desheng has a self built large warehouse and high-quality logistics cooperation channels, which can quickly process orders and arrange shipments.


Tris base provides excellent after-sales service. Desheng can provide comprehensive after-sales service, from consultation, ordering, shipping to use, with professional personnel providing one-on-one service tracking throughout the entire process. If you encounter any problems during use, Desheng will promptly communicate with you and provide solutions.


In summary, Tris base is indeed a cost-effective product that can be considered a military coat in the insulation industry. This year's Double 11 event, Tris base has become our company's best-selling product. Hubei Xindesheng Material Technology Co., Ltd., as a national high-tech enterprise with strong research and production capabilities, has a variety of biochemical reagent raw materials, specializing in the production of blood collection additives, chemiluminescence reagents, biological buffer solutions, new Trinder's reagents, enzyme preparations, antigen antibodies and other biochemical reagents. We have cooperated with hundreds of large, medium, and small medical diagnostic enterprises both domestically and internationally, and are highly recognized by our users. If you also need procurement needs, please feel free to contact us at any time!