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Company News About Usage and precautions for the serum clot activator tube

Usage and precautions for the serum clot activator tube

Usage and precautions for the serum clot activator tube

Usage and precautions for the serum clot activator tube


    Clinical blood testing is usually specified based on the type of specimen, for example, common specimen types include serum, plasma, and whole blood. These different specimen types have different examination items. Although the examination items are different, the collection of these specimens is basically completed through vacuum blood collection. There are various types of test tubes used in hospitals to collect blood samples, such as anticoagulant tubes, coagulation promoting tubes, etc. Common serum clot activating tubes are coagulation promoting tubes, which can use extracted serum samples to complete biochemical testing. Next, let's talk specifically about serum clot activation tubes.


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Bottled accelerator


    Addition of serum clot activator


    Due to the fact that most of the serum clot activators produced on the market are in powder form, they need to be added to blood collection vessels to form an anhydrous ethanol suspension, which is then sprayed onto the inner wall of the test tube, placed in an air drying box for drying before use. Due to its ability to activate fibrinolytic enzymes, soluble fibrin can be transformed into insoluble fibrin, which can quickly promote coagulation and is suitable for emergency serum biochemical experiments.


    Use of serum clot activation tubes


Due to the uniform distribution of serum clot activators on the tube wall, after collecting blood samples, it is necessary to gently rotate the tube 4-5 times to make it fully contact with the reagent, and then let it stand for about 30 minutes. After the blood sample is completely coagulated, centrifuge to obtain the serum. Note that if the room temperature conditions are too low, it can be left in a 37 degree water bath for about 20 minutes.


    Precautions for using serum clot activation tubes


    1. The activation and coagulation of blood samples are closely related to temperature conditions, degree of mixing, performance of clot activators, and blood collection volume. The most critical factor is temperature. If the ambient temperature is too low and there is no water bath, it is necessary to adjust the amount of reagent added appropriately to extend the coagulation promoting time.


    2. Attention needs to be paid to ensuring that the blood sample in the test tube is completely coagulated. If the coagulation is not sufficient, it can cause hemolysis and fibrin filament wall hanging phenomenon, which cannot completely separate the serum and affect the experimental process.


    3. Pay attention to the control of coagulation time, which is not easy to be too short, otherwise it may lead to the precipitation of fibrin filaments, floating in the serum, and causing instrument blockage.


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