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Company News About Usage of Green cap-- Heparin Lithium Tube

Usage of Green cap-- Heparin Lithium Tube

Usage of Green cap-- Heparin Lithium Tube

        Usage of Green cap-- Heparin Lithium Tube


The green lithium heparin tube literally means that lithium heparin is added to the disposable closed blood collection tube, which has the function of affecting the coagulation process and preventing platelet aggregation. At the same time, because the blood sample is collected in a closed test tube, the plasma precipitation speed is guaranteed, the time for manual plasma separation is reduced to a certain extent, and it is not easy to be contaminated, which improves the detection efficiency. Although it is more commonly used in clinical practice, there are still a few people who do not know the precautions for its use, so the following will focus on introducing it to you.


Use of green heparin lithium tube:


1. Due to the special performance of lithium heparin, both the chelating property and the concentration of cations are relatively low. If it needs to be used in blood or plasma testing, chemical measurement is recommended. Also, because lithium heparin does not contain any form of ion, it is not suitable for testing blood for lithium.


2. In order to promote the full anticoagulation of blood during use, the test tube should be slowly inverted and mixed 5-8 times immediately after blood collection, especially when the temperature of the blood collection environment is above 25 degrees, the blood must be mixed with heparin lithium in time, otherwise Easy to cause local coagulation.


3. Heparin anticoagulation is non-irreversible anticoagulation. During use, pay attention to complete the test in a short time. The ideal time is 6 hours. Do not leave it for too long, which will easily lead to deviations in the test results.


4. The separation gel is usually added to the test tube and used together. Pay attention to the quality of the separation gel, which may affect the blood separation effect. It is recommended to use products from the same company, which can ensure the accuracy of the plasma sample data.


5. After the test tube is prepared, it should be sterilized by irradiation. It is recommended to use γ-ray irradiation with a dose of 8-25kGy. The irradiation dose can be determined according to the initial number of colonies.


6. It is forbidden to use when impurities, foreign matter, abnormal color appear in the test tube and the expiration date is exceeded.


The above are the precautions for the use of green lithium heparin tubes. As a clinically necessary reagent product, quality requirements should be guaranteed, and the accuracy of use should be guaranteed to a certain extent, so everyone should also pay attention to it. As a Chinese manufacturer of raw materials for blood collection tube additives, Desheng has been committed to strictly controlling product quality, and has set up a quality department to repeatedly test the products that leave the factory. In recent years, it has been deeply recognized by the domestic market, and foreign cooperative customers are also increasing. If you have relevant needs, please click the website to consult details!