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Company News About Viral Transportation Medium for Covid-19 detection

Viral Transportation Medium for Covid-19 detection

Viral Transportation Medium for Covid-19 detection

Viral Transportation Medium for Covid-19 detection

Nucleic acid testing is the standard for diagnosing Covid-19, and it is also an effective measure to accurately prevent and control the pneumonia. The mixed detection work in various places to further improve testing capacity and efficiency. At present, the laboratory adopts "10-in-1 mixed detection" technology for the Covid-19. But there are still a lot of people who don't understand the meaning of single and mixed detection. I will introduce them in detail next.


What is the meaning of single and mixed detection?

Single detection: As the name suggests, one person's collection swab is placed in a collection tube at one time.

Mixed detection: The collection swabs of 5 or 10 individuals are put into a collection tube at same time.When the test result is negative, all the mixed samples are considered negative, which means that the 10 people in the mixed test are all safe. If it is positive, the relevant departments will immediately isolate the 10 subjects in the mixed collection tube separately, and re-collect a single-tube swab for review, and then determine the positive one.


Which VTM (virus transportation Medium) should be selected for mixed collection?

The virus transportation Medium is mainly used for the preservation and transfer of upper respiratory tract virus nucleic acid samples such as nasal swabs and throat swabs. In 2020, with the orderly work of fighting against the COVID-19 nationwide,the epidemic has been effectively controlled. In order to further improve the capacity and efficiency of testing,and effectively meet the needs of normalized epidemic prevention and control, the website of the National Health Commission issued the "Notice on Printing and Distributing the Technical Specifications for 10-in-1 Mixed Detection of COVID-19" on Aug 19. In order to prevent secondary infection, it is stipulated that 6ml of inactivated preservation solution should be used for mixed sampling, while single sampling only requires 3ml.


How accurate is the mix detection?

The size of the single collection tube and the mixed collection tube are not the same, and the volume of virus preservation solution inside is also different. Based on the results of a large number of basic experimental researches in the early stage and confirmation of practical operations, the increase in the volume of the mixed preservation solution has no effect on the detection results of weakly positive specimens, so the accuracy is not a problem.


Under what circumstances are single and mixed detection used?

Single detection: First, it is applied to key areas (confirmed cases and asymptomatic infections in communities with recent outbreaks, old communities, densely populated communities, floating population gathering areas, and people who have recently left the province), and others not suitable for mixed testing.Second,patients in medical institutions are used with single testing.

Mixed detection: It is used for large population samples testing and the overall positive rate of the group is less than 0.1%.


As a professional manufacturer for virus transportation Medium, Desheng can provide two kinds of preservation solutions, inactivated and non-inactivated. Of course, whether it is a single or mixed collection tube, we can recommend the appropriate quantity according to the amount of detection people. Competitive price offered, welcome to inquire.