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Company News About What advantages does carbomer 940 have as a pharmaceutical gel?

What advantages does carbomer 940 have as a pharmaceutical gel?

What advantages does carbomer 940 have as a pharmaceutical gel?

For many people, especially women, a good skin condition is very important. Many skin topical medicaments contain a special component, Carbomer 940. Although this professional term sounds strange to us, its application to skin is very extensive, mainly due to the gel produced by carbomer 940 for skin. There are many advantages.


Some experts have prepared Allantoin Gel with 1.5% carbomer 940 to treat skin diseases such as dryness and psoriasis. The clinical results show that the gel has good compatibility with the skin, has a lasting effect and has no greasy and stuffy feeling on the skin. Amin and other erythromycin gel prepared by 1% carbomer 940 were used to treat acne. The results showed that the number of acne and basal diameter were significantly reduced.

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The ultrasonic diagnostic gel made by carbomer 940 has the advantages of no irritation to human skin, fine appearance, fine texture, no damage to the probe, no pollution, good lubrication, good viscosity and stable preparation. It has been proved by clinical practice that all the quality indicators achieve the desired effect.


In addition, the preparation of ketoprofen from 4 different substrates showed that the drug was released most rapidly from carbomer gel. The release rate was carbomer gel > hydrophilic ointment > cold cream > white vaseline. It suggested that carbomer could promote the transdermal absorption of drugs.


Carbomer 940 gel matrix has the advantages of simple operation, stable quality and no need of open flame heating compared with Vaseline matrix and cream substrate. It is especially suitable for the preparation of volatile drugs with poor thermal stability and small quantities of urgent drugs.


Desheng is a manufacturer specializing in the production and development of carbomer 940. Since its launch, cooperative enterprises have exceeded 100+. So many companies have chosen to cooperate with De Sheng to show that our products are better than those of other manufacturers. The gel matrix made from the raw product of Kam Sheng 940 has the characteristics of water-soluble matrix, quick release, no greasy, easy to spread, and skin. Mucous membrane is not irritant, welcome the manufacturers who have great demand to choose to cooperate with Desheng.