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Company News About What are the advantages of acridine esters in luminescent reagents

What are the advantages of acridine esters in luminescent reagents

What are the advantages of acridine esters in luminescent reagents

Acridine ester is a kind of important chemiluminescence reagents, which has high quantum yield and high chemiluminescence efficiency. As a chemiluminescence marker, the luminescence system is simple, the natural background is low, the interference is less, and the signal-to-noise ratio is high. When used as a chemiluminescence marker, it has the advantages of easy coupling, simple labeling, good stability, and less influence on its luminescence performance In the presence of sodium hydroxide and hydrogen peroxide. In addition, acridine ester chemiluminescence reagents have good stability and are easy to store.


According to the different substituents, acridine substitutes commonly used as chemiluminescence markers can be divided into two categories: acridine ester and acridine sulfonamide. They all share the same acridine ring. Their luminescence mechanism is the same: in the alkaline H2O2 solution, when the molecule is attacked by hydrogen peroxide ion, the unstable dioxane is generated, which is decomposed into CO2 and n-methylacridone in the electron excited state. When it returns to the ground state, it emits photons with the maximum emission wavelength of 430nm.


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The characteristics of these compounds are as follows: 1

① In the luminescent reaction, the non luminescent substituents attached to the acridine ring are separated from the acridine ring before the formation of the electron excited intermediate, that is, the non luminescent part is separated from the luminescent part, so the luminescent efficiency is not affected by the substituent structure.


② The chemiluminescence of acridine esters or acridine sulfonamides can be obtained in dilute alkaline solution with H2O2 without catalyst. Therefore, it has many advantages in chemiluminescence detection.


The main advantages are as follows:

1. Low background illumination and high signal-to-noise ratio

2. The interference factors of luminescent reaction are few

3. Fast and concentrated light release, high luminous efficiency and high luminous intensity

4. It is easy to bind with protein, and the photon yield does not decrease after binding, thus increasing the sensitivity

5. The solid phase separation agent is very fine magnetic powder, which not only increases the coating area and accelerates the reaction, but also cleans at the same time.