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Company News About What are the advantages of Desun Carbomer and why is it popular in the market?

What are the advantages of Desun Carbomer and why is it popular in the market?

What are the advantages of Desun Carbomer and why is it popular in the market?

The 2019 new crown pneumonia (COVID-19) is affecting the entire global market. In addition to the cost of human life, the impact of the spread of the virus on the global economy has begun to be recognized and has a profound impact on the world's technology supply chain. Measures such as large-scale quarantine, travel restrictions, and social isolation have led to a sharp drop in personal and corporate spending. Companies lose income, lay off employees, and unemployment has risen sharply. Carbomer was once the darling of daily chemical products due to its application as a hand sanitizing gel. It is precisely because of the surge in market demand that carbomer was out of stock for a time.


Facing this severe situation, Desheng looked for opportunities in adversity, established a technology research and development center, increased investment in research and development, and received a good market feedback. There are currently hundreds of cooperative enterprises, so why Carbomer With so many manufacturers, does the customer prefer AdSung? Here are the following points.


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1. Is a real manufacturer, not a trader
It is also necessary to understand the supply background. Although there are some domestic manufacturers that produce carbomers, some of them are not of good quality, and some are not specialized in producing this product. Perhaps because they think it is the general trend, they did not spend too much. Human, material and financial resources to develop and produce, if the inventory is not enough, this will also bring a lot of inconvenience to subsequent cooperation, and the real manufacturer will not worry about this problem, for example, Desheng has its own professional R&D team. There is no need to worry about the quality of the product at all, and if there is a problem, you can return it without worry.


2. Product trial available
If the product is good or not, you can tell when you try a sample. Nowadays, when looking for a product, some purchasers usually communicate in words first, and then communicate by phone when they think it’s suitable. This is actually low efficiency. More importantly, some customers don’t pay attention to the performance parameters of the product at all. Ask the price, if the price is right, if you don’t want to buy it, then you don’t need to talk about it. At this time, it is a very good experience to provide samples for trial. Customers will no longer struggle with the price. If the trial is good, they will naturally "visit" again, and they will naturally choose another home if they are not used well. . Desheng has done statistics, as long as the customers who have tried the product have 100% repurchased,


3. High daily output and fast delivery
Many customers’ order quantity is very large. If Carbomer’s inventory is not enough, it will inevitably lose many important customers. Desheng has a professional production base and uses imported production equipment. The daily output can reach 3-5 tons. Satisfy customers' large-volume ordering needs, with good thickening performance, high transparency, and high cost-effectiveness. Customers no longer have to worry about the delivery cycle, because Desheng has the ability to deliver quickly.


During the epidemic, many companies closed down or fired their employees due to business stagnation. This phenomenon has never happened in Desheng. As a professional carbomer manufacturer, Desheng can provide high-quality products and services compared to other manufacturers. More cost-effective, the price is as low as 130 yuan/kg for ton and above. With the public efforts of all employees of the company, our carbomer sales continue to rise, and our products have been unanimously recognized by customers. At present, we mainly sell carbomers There are two models of 940 Carbomer 980, with business in more than 30 countries.