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Company News About What are the applications of MOPS buffer?

What are the applications of MOPS buffer?

What are the applications of MOPS buffer?

MOPS sodium salt is a buffer used in biochemistry and molecular biology, and also belongs to a zwitterionic morpholine buffer. MOPS interferes with the determination of Folin protein. When autoclaved in the presence of glucose, MOPS will be partially decomposed. MOPS can be used as Good's buffer because it has low UV absorption, minimal reactivity, stable pH and soluble in water. The pH buffer range is 6.5-7.9. It is commonly used in cell culture media, electrophoresis buffer in electrophoresis, and protein purification in chromatography. MOPS lacks the formation of complexes with most metal ions, so it is recommended to be used as a non-coordinating buffer in metal ion solutions. In the following, I will share some information about the application of MOPS buffer, I hope it can help everyone.

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MOPS buffer application:

1. Used for denaturing RNA electrophoresis;

2. Used for protein purification in chromatography;

3. Measure absorption in ultraviolet/visible light spectrophotometry and use cyclic voltammetry to study redox characteristics;

4. The electron transfer mechanism in nitrogenase;

5. Separate nucleic acid and protein by electrophoresis;

6. Control the pH value of the culture medium, including the cell culture medium used for yeast, bacteria and mammalian cells;

7. Used as a buffer component of charcoal yeast extract culture medium;

8. Interact with the peptide backbone of bovine serum protein to make the protein more stable;


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