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Company News About What are the applications of tris (77-86-1) as a PH regulator

What are the applications of tris (77-86-1) as a PH regulator

What are the applications of tris (77-86-1) as a PH regulator

If you want to ask which reagent in the biological buffer is the most widely used, then Tris is definitely the seeded player. Tris (77-86-1) is white crystal particles under normal conditions, acid-base The indicator pH is 7-9. It is an important organic chemical raw material. It is most widely used as a pH regulator to maintain a stable pH in the reaction. However, many people do not know the specific application of pH adjustment. Let Desheng Xiaobian take you to find out!


Application of Tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane in eye drops

Eye drops are one of the most commonly used drug formulations for ophthalmological diseases. For many eye diseases, eye drops have a direct and rapid therapeutic effect. Due to the special anatomical and physiological characteristics of the eyes, corresponding requirements are put forward for ophthalmic preparations: the pH of normal tears is 7.2-7.4, and the range of pH tolerated by normal eyes is 5.0-9.0. The pH value of the eye drops will directly affect the eye irritation and the curative effect of the drug. When preparing eye drops, a buffer should be added to adjust the pH of the solution so that it is roughly similar to the tear fluid to reduce the impact on the eyes. Stimulus. Tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane is a commonly used pH regulator in eye drops.

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Application of TRIS in nucleic acid detection

Nucleic acid testing is an important means to diagnose the new coronavirus. Tris is an additive in the virus preservation solution, the core material for nucleic acid testing. T can maintain the pH of the sample in the virus preservation solution and act as a biological buffer Effects: Viruses and their nucleic acids are more sensitive to environmental pH. Nucleic acids (DNA, RNA) are easily hydrolyzed in acidic solutions, and are more stable in neutral or weakly alkaline solutions. Its other function is to maintain the stability of the nucleic acid released after the lysis of the sample to be extracted to avoid degradation of the nucleic acid, increase the concentration and purity of the nucleic acid, and ensure the accuracy of subsequent nucleic acid detection and analysis operations.


Application of TRIS in cosmetics

You use various skin care products every day, but you don’t know that the commonly used PH regulator in skin care products is tris. PH regulator is actually a neutralizer. Everyone knows that everyone has different skin types. , The suitable cosmetics are also different. The ingredients in many cosmetics are very complex. If you want a suitable pH value, you must use TRIS to adjust, so that the entire raw material composition will not change too much, so that the cosmetics can be applied more gently on the face without irritation.


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