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Company News About What are the differences between EDTA K2 and EDTA K3 in Applications

What are the differences between EDTA K2 and EDTA K3 in Applications

What are the differences between EDTA K2 and EDTA K3 in Applications

In the rapidly developing field of medical technology today, in vitro diagnostic technology plays a crucial role. Among them, the use of blood anticoagulants is an indispensable part. Among numerous blood anticoagulants, EDTA K2 and EDTA K3 are highly favored in clinical applications due to their unique anticoagulant properties. So, what is the difference between these two common blood anticoagulants?


Firstly, from the appearance, both EDTA K2 and EDTA K3 present a pure white powder shape. However, upon careful observation, we will find that the powder of EDTA K3 is more delicate and has a better dissolution effect in water. Although this difference may not be apparent to the naked eye, it can have a significant impact on the experimental results during the experiment.


Secondly, from a chemical structure perspective, the main difference between EDTA K2 and EDTA K3 lies in the quantity of potassium ions. Specifically, EDTA K3 has one more potassium ion than EDTA K2, which leads to a significant difference in pH between the two. The pH value of EDTA K2 needs to be strictly controlled in a weakly acidic environment of 2.7-6.2 to ensure the stability of its anticoagulant effect. EDTA K3, on the other hand, needs to be used in weakly alkaline environments ranging from 6.2 to 10.2. This wider pH range makes EDTA K3 more adaptable in certain specific environments. In addition, due to the different amounts of potassium ions, the solubility of EDTA K3 is also greater than that of EDTA K2, which is particularly important in the preparation of anticoagulant solutions.


In terms of usage, there are also significant differences between EDTA K2 and EDTA K3. EDTA K2 has a wider range of applications, not only for anticoagulation in blood collection tubes, but also for the separation of complex metals and metal ions. In addition, EDTA K2 is often added to detergents, liquid soap, and shampoo to improve product performance. In contrast, the use of EDTA K3 is relatively simple, mainly used for blood anticoagulation. However, in practical applications, EDTA K3 may have certain limitations in terms of anticoagulant effect. When the concentration of EDTA is high, EDTA K3 is more likely to cause red blood cell contraction, thereby affecting the quality of blood samples. In addition, when blood samples are left for a period of time, EDTA K3 may also cause changes in cell size, further affecting the accuracy of experimental results.


There is also a significant difference between EDTA K2 and EDTA K3 in the use of blood collection vessels. EDTA K3 is liquid in the glass tube of the blood collection tube, while the plastic tube is the same as EDTA K2, which is in a spray dry state. This different morphology requires the use of different processes and equipment for the preparation of blood collection vessels, thereby increasing production costs.


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