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Company News About What are the effects of coagulant and water-soluble

What are the effects of coagulant and water-soluble

What are the effects of coagulant and water-soluble

siliconizing agent on vacuum blood collection tube detection
Coagulation is caused by adding foreign substances to the blood. The external pathway activates the clot to form a clot through biochemical action. Plastic tubes need to be sprayed with blood coagulant to ensure rapid and dense clot formation. The greater density of blood procoagulant surface sites accelerates clotting time. Silica (such as glass, diatomaceous earth) accelerates the formation of clots by contacting blood to accelerate clot formation, and the complete coagulation is formed in about 30 minutes. The amount of blood coagulant varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.
The coagulant also facilitates the separation of potential fibrin formation in serum. Conducive to the performance of prothrombin. Although these clot activators can quickly clot for 10 to 20 minutes, the clot is not easily separated from the serum. The blood coagulant can be added to the tube by forming beads, which can act with the carrier on the inner tube surface. The clot activator is quickly suspended in the blood. When the clot starts, the carrier can be dissolved in the serum and the clot at the same time.

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Recently, the project that Desheng Biochemical participated in assisted the customer to release a fast serum test tube containing thrombin; the orange stopper quickly activates the blood clot within 5 minutes. It can ensure that the rapid serum test tube and other commercially available serum test tubes have the same clinical results. In the study, Desheng Biochemical found that the problem with some blood coagulation accelerators is that they must be mixed thoroughly to allow the clot to settle completely. If soluble fibrin clots form, they can interfere with the accuracy of the pipetting device or solid phase binding in immunoassays. Plasma gas can be used to introduce heteroatoms (non-carbon atoms and hydrogen atoms in the main chain of the molecular structure) into the surface of the tube wall to accelerate blood clotting without contaminating the serum or clot with adhesives or blood coagulants.
The proteomic analysis after the blood coagulant promotes coagulation can also be changed by the clot activator. When silicon dioxide and silicate blood coagulant are sprayed on the plastic tube, the active metalloproteinase is released and compounded with the matrix. As a manufacturer of coagulant, Desheng Biochemical, here is a special reminder: in order to obtain a good coagulant effect, determine the best composition of coagulant and water-soluble siliconizing agent, and always add them to different types And the size of the blood collection tube to allow these substances to function normally without adversely affecting the quality of blood samples and test results.